Kiera Louise Harrison - Ru Paul’s Drag Race‘s make up artist

Kiera Louise Harrison of KLMA

Kiera Louise Harrison of KLMA - Credit: Archant

Kiera Louise Harrison owns KLMA Academy: a make-up academy with many bristles to its brush.

Kiera not only counts Coleen Rooney and Freddie Flintoff among her clients, she is also the make up artist for the BBC series 'Ru Paul's Drag Race'; an accredited provider of make-up courses for professional make-up artists - they come from as far away as Cuba - and hosts regular events for hospital staff who need to familiarise themselves with certain injuries.

'Well, I did work on several TV programmes, including Casualty, so it's easy for me to simulate accident make up-luckily, I'm not squeamish,' laughs Kiera Louise who has to remain calm at all times. 'No-one wants an excitable make-up artist wielding a blusher. When I'm working with the drag queens on the Drag Race programme, there is drama aplenty, without me adding to it!'

Kiera also provides one to one make up lessons for everyone from 16 to 90. 'Faces changes over time and a make-up lesson can often provide the lift a woman needs,' Kiera says. 'Women who hold high-powered jobs also want to know how to apply discreet but effective make up and men are often interested in learning about grooming.

Many trans women also want to be shown how to apply a natural face. It really is all about confidence building. We have mothers and daughters who come together and a surprising number of dads buy a lesson for their daughters.'

Kiera Louise Harrison of KLMA applying makeup to model Grace Prosser

Kiera Louise Harrison of KLMA applying makeup to model Grace Prosser - Credit: Archant

Learning how to create a smoky eye is popular at the moment and if Kiera had one tip to pass on, it would be to never leave home without a mascara brush.

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