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Laura Hagan

Laura Hagan - Credit: Archant

Laura Hagan tells us about how her passion for personal training led her to open a studio in Knutsford.

Laura Hagan

Laura Hagan - Credit: Archant

Who are you and what do you do?

I am a personal trainer who has a passion for helping people achieve their exercise goals, whether it’s to improve mobility and flexibility or to increase strength and muscle size. I devise personal exercise programmes which are individually tailored according to client goals and together with expert instruction, are designed to improve posture and functional movement.

What is your background?

I graduated in 2011 from Loughborough University with a 2:1 degree in Sports Science with Management. I subsequently qualified as a personal trainer and developed my expertise working for Matt Roberts, renowned celebrity personal trainer, in London at his Chelsea studio.

How did you get started?

Having worked in London for two years, I wanted to “move back North” and bring the concept of dedicated expert training in a luxury environment with me. After a long search, I found Knutsford to be the perfect place.

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When people book will they get to see you personally?

Yes, Nxtep Personal Training is my focus and I am committed to helping as many people as possible to achieve their exercise and well-being goals. I am developing a close team of exercise professionals who share my values to work alongside me in delivering exemplary client care.

How does your fitness business differ from others?

Instead of common gym complaints of basic environment, intimidating rows of equipment sweaty from previous use, manned by unhelpful unapproachable staff, at Nxtep you will find a luxury interior designed environment, carefully laid out with the latest state of the art equipment where you will receive expert guidance.

Who is it aimed at?

Anyone who has aspirations to improve their health, fitness and overall well-being, appreciates luxury surroundings, attention to detail and a friendly, welcoming and supportive environment.

Do you do Yoga or Tai Chi classes?

Although I don’t offer Yoga or Thai Chi classes my exercise programmes can be tailored to address flexibility, mobility and core strength.

Do you advise on nutrition and general health?

Everyday lifestyle and food and drink choices are just as important as in-studio structured exercise. Specific strategies to improve elements of general health and everyday nutrition will be implemented to ensure continuing progress even when outside of the studio.

What can somebody expect when they first visit your studio?

A warm and friendly welcome to an exclusive exercise studio incorporating luxury changing facilities, top of the range equipment, and a discreet training environment. At your comprehensive Initial Consultation we will establish your baseline measurements, discuss your aspirations and begin developing your personal exercise programme. Do they have to stick to a particular programme or regime? To achieve optimum progression and to reach specific goals, an individually written exercise programme is essential. There is no ‘one size fits all’ approach and programmes will be altered every four-six weeks to ensure a continuing positive response to exercise.

Can they expect results?

Absolutely! Commitment to a structured exercise programme and a focus on improving food and drink choices will ensure progression in achieving specific goals. It’s simple but not easy.

What is your philosophy?

Exercise should be enjoyable for it to be a part of our everyday lives. I believe that with positive encouragement, a friendly environment and expert instruction we can all achieve our health and fitness goals and improve our quality of life.

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