Make-up artists to the stars open Pro Makeup Academy in Saddleworth

Collette Casey and Tally Bookbinder

Collette Casey and Tally Bookbinder - Credit: Archant

Tally Bookbinder and Collette Casey are now bringing their expertise to Saddleworth

Collette with Michelle Keegan

Collette with Michelle Keegan - Credit: Archant

From Gary Barlow to Michelle Keegan, they’ve worked their magic on famous faces that are recognised around the world. Now professional make-up artists, Tally Bookbinder and Collette Casey, are ready to share their secrets.

The talented duo, who have known each other from their days working red carpets with soap stars, have recently started their own business, Pro Makeup Academy. Their aim is to cater for ‘real women’ – sharing their insider tips and tricks.

In a world where beauty is often augmented via apps and make-up artists have millions of followers on social media platforms such as Instagram, there’s a pressure to live up to the mark in reality. However, Tally and Collette want to break away from this Kim Kardashian strong contoured look, and embrace something a little more natural.

‘We want to get away from what you see on Instagram. That ‘drag queen’ look may look amazing on photographs, especially when they’re filtered, but it doesn’t look good when you’re out in a bar,’ said Tally, who along with Collette boasts over 20 years experience in the industry. ‘It looks cakey and false.’

Collette with Catherine Tydesley

Collette with Catherine Tydesley - Credit: Archant

Collette, who lives in Rochdale and has worked with Coronation Street stars Catherine Tyldsley and Michelle Keegan among others, said that it’s the right time in their careers to have their own place. ‘We’re settled in our careers now. We’ve done all the hard work of moving up the ladder, done all the red carpet events and shoots. Pro Makeup Academy is something we can really dedicate our time to, sharing the knowledge we’ve gained with real women.’

‘When Jo Ferns (who owns the hair salon next to the academy) approached us about the space, it wasn’t really a decision,’ added Tally, who lives in Whitefield. Among her celebrity clientele, she used to be Take That’s make-up artist, flying around the world with them before they split in 1996. ‘Collette and I are totally on the same wavelength, so we didn’t really discuss it and just ran with the opportunity as it felt right.

After opening with a glitzy VIP evening sponsored by Bottega, the make-up academy has got off to a flying start, with many of their courses already booked up and plenty of enquires coming in. ‘People have been saying it’s so nice to see professionals teaching a class,’ Tally continued.

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‘I think it’s down to our personalities. We’re very approachable and we want people to feel comfortable and confident when they come in here. It’s an environment where they can ask any questions, there is nothing pretentious. There are a million different products out there and it can be intimating.’

As well as hosting day courses, which start from £150 and range from mature confidence to bride-to-be, Tally and Collette will be holding evening courses at their academy on Oldham Road. These bite size sessions, priced £55 to £75, include teen make-up master classes, smokey eyes and contour/highlight.

The academy also has a partnership with My Kit Co, which is a range of make-up artist designed brushes and accessories. The brushes will be used in each of the classes and will also be available to purchase. ‘The day courses can add another string to a professional’s bow, and on the flip side we wanted to offer courses to ordinary people,’ said Collette, adding that both her and Tally contribute something different, and still learn things off one another.

‘We’re open to anything. If you have an idea of what you would like to learn and can get enough people to fill the room then we’ll do it.’

The duo would also like to start hosting events, such as a ladies’ night or a make-up clinic, where ladies could have a ten minute slot to discuss one problem and all the money goes to a specific charity.

‘We just have so many ideas in our heads, it’s exciting,’ said Tally. ‘The two of us are becoming a bit of a double act spending so much time together!’

Pro Makeup Academy, 85 Oldham Road, Lydgate, Saddleworth, OL4 4JF

Tel: 07831814592,

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