Review: Espa Active Nutrients Glow From Within Facial at Hale Country Club 

Facial massage with ESPA

Enjoy ESPA at Hale Country Club - Credit: ESPA

Take an afternoon and make it all about you...

There are times when a quick glance in the mirror is enough to send you into a tailspin of despondency. Well, there are for me, as I spot my skin reflecting every one of my years; dull, down and positively depressing. So – what to do but book oneself a facial at Hale Country Club, where you can experience all the glories of an Espa facial, in really quite fabulous surroundings. If you’re not a member, a spa treatment will give you access to the facilities for the day, so book your treatment time carefully, as it’s worth every moment of positive relaxation you can gain in the multiple pools, steam and sauna and restaurant. 

My facial started with my feet. Soaking in a copper bowl filled with warm water and pink salts, I chatted through my skin concerns (simple really, I am getting old) with my facialist, Gemma, who asked me to inhale two of Espa’s Active Nutrient serums, to see which my senses told me I needed. Unsurprisingly, we opted for the Tri-Active Regenating Serum. As I settled into the heated cloud of a bed, Gemma commenced stage one, a double cleanse with YYuzu and Ginger cleanser (oh my, that smells good) and next Optimal Skin Pro-Cleanser. The cleanse prepares the way for the exfoliate, which is the vital element to restore the glow I was so lacking. First she applied a gentle scrub, massaging away the top layer of dead skin cells and any fixed-in makeup, before applying the Overnight Glow Enzyme Peel. While that worked its magic, she used rose quartz Gua She (tiny handheld rollers) across my décolleté, shoulders and neck, sinking me deeper into total relaxation. 

There’s something incredibly mindful about an Espa facial. All the scents and textures and sensations, the constant contact from the therapist, creates a focus purely on the here and now, tracing every motion and moment of what’s happening. There’s no room for the usual churn of thoughts and busy-busy that generally fills the mind the moment you stop doing something.  

The mask is removed with hot cloths and the serum then applied, followed with a Gua Sha massage of the jaw, cheeks, temples and forehead, to stimulate the lymphatic and circulatory systems, helping achieve the smooth skin and glow we so crave. 

Next, the Clean & Green Detox mask ensures a deeply hydrating final cleanse, and while that does its stuff, a pink clay mask was applied to my scalp. This bit is optional, but in for a penny... I just decided not to hit the supermarket on my way home. Gemma then gently massaged my arms and hands, using Optimal Body Tri Serum, and finished up my facial with an application of Espa’s Optimal Skin Pro moisturiser. 

This is truly a facial for body and mind. For 90 minutes I drifted in a state of contended wellbeing, immersed in a pampering experience that left my skin smooth, soft and glowing (for days) and my mind relaxed and ready to commence another busy weekend. Next time I shall arrive super-early, and lie in the infinity pool gazing out across the landscape, dreaming of all things luxurious, before settling into the ultimate all-about-me experience. 

Members £80 / Non-members £110,