Let the e-bike take the strain!

Out and about on an e-bike

Out and about on an e-bike - Credit: Torque E-Bikes

During the pandemic, thousands of people have either dragged their old bicycles out of the shed or bought new ones, bringing a huge boom in bike sales.

One of the biggest growth areas has been in the sale of e-bikes, bicycles with a small electric motor and battery which gives a bit of extra oomph for the rider.

They have been especially popular with older riders who love the idea of getting out and about in the countryside but who maybe find those hills a bit too much like hard work on a conventional bike. They are also popular for urban riders looking to cut down on car use.

Advances in battery and motor technology have improved the machines on dramatically in performance and battery life terms while prices have moved downwards, improving affordability. 

Norfolk firm Torque E-Bike Experience is based in a beautiful walled garden at Thursford Castle, near Fakenham, and has a range of e-bikes, including two-seaters and mountain bikes, for hire and to buy. We took one out for an extended test ride on a lovely route which Torque supplied... and included no less than five possible pub stops!

Here's how we got on...


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