5 ways to create new normal you will love after lockdown

Laura Bamber and Katy Brown of The Vibrancy Hub, ready to help you live your best life. Photo: Karen

Laura Bamber and Katy Brown of The Vibrancy Hub, ready to help you live your best life. Photo: Karen Staniland-Platt - Credit: Archant

Knutsford’s Katy Brown of The Vibrancy Hub shares her top tips on how to maintain the lifestyle you want when lockdown ends

COVID-19, known to many as The Great Pause: the strangest experience of our lives. The enforced stop. A type of slowing down that many of us had previously dreamt about when life was overwhelming, and something that initially appeared unbearable for those who like to be busy bees. We soon settled into a new kind of rhythm however, and found there were aspects of the slower pace of lockdown life that we really enjoy: the lack of rushing, the quality time with family members, the removal of the intense juggle of a diary packed with work, family and social commitments... We have more head space – for ourselves and for our loved ones. We have created new routines and rediscovered old hobbies. And it feels good.

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We have heard the same thing from almost every one of our coaching clients: “I’m not really sure I want to go back to my old normal” – and they’ve also confided that they’re feeling guilty for thinking this way. “I’m enjoying the slower pace, but this isn’t real life,” they say, while expressing a real apprehension about returning to a busy, hectic schedule. They simply can’t see how their ‘new normal’ could be any different to their ‘old normal’ once work/school/social life resumes.

I think we can all agree that what was once our normal life now feels like part of the past. We don’t want to go back – only forwards, and we’re all ready to build something different.

At the Vibrancy Hub, we are here to reassure you that there is a way to make the most of your slower pace of life learnings and to decide how you want your new normal to look.

Here are our top tips for creating a new, new normal, once life after lockdown resumes

1.Create time in your diary to capture your thoughts. Make a note every day of what feels good about your current situation. What is different to life before lockdown? And what specifically feels better?

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2. Consider why it feels good. How does it make you feel within yourself? What does it allow you to do more of?

3. Allow yourself to think about how your ideal next ‘new normal’ would look; it’s good to dream a little. You will hear a voice in your head saying, “but that could never happen because of XYZ.” For now, try to move these thoughts to one side and just allow yourself the pleasure of imagining how an ideal day or week might look to you, taking into account your learnings from step 1.

4. Now it’s time to get specific. For example, if you know a quieter calendar would allow for better quality family time and less rushing around, how many social engagements are you prepared to commit to per week/month? Would you perhaps prefer to work from home a certain number of days per week, now you know you can? Create a set of mini rules for yourself that will enable you to maintain the pleasures you have discovered during lockdown.

5. Communicate your mini rules where required – what conversations need to be had with your partner / family / boss?

Your life is an ongoing act of creation, and you are 100% in charge.

The Vibrancy Hub is a wellbeing consultancy providing life coaching, online mindset programmes and female focused events. They are currently running a special one-off life coaching session to help you to create your ‘new normal’. Tune in to the complimentary schedule of live classes on Instagram @thevibrancyhub

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