Top 5 health benefits of vitamin patches

Person running with vitamin patch from the VitCo in Preston

Vitamin patches and an active lifestyle can make all the difference to your health - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

For many of us, simply taking a vitamin tablet is no longer enough. Those who are unwell and need an urgent supply of nutrients immediately can turn to vitamin patches, which provide a vital lifeline as well improving overall health. 

Vitamin and CBD patches provide a host of wellness advantages. For sportsmen and women engaging in daily intense training, or those simply seeking to improve their intake of essential nutrients, vitamin patches provide an effective alternative to more traditional supplements. Modern lifestyles can also make it difficult to get all of the essential nutrients we need, with our food and drink containing less vitamins. 

Jack Taylor, owner of TheVitCo, a leading supplier of clinically-proven vitamin and CBD patches, explains some of the benefits of using these products.  

1) A steady flow of vitamins  

Vitamin patches provided by the VitCo in Lancashire

The VitCo stock a wide range of vitamin patches that contain a variety of essential nutrients - Credit: The VitCo

VITPatches utilise cutting-edge nanotechnology, in which the vitamins are freeze-dried prior to being inserted into a patch. This allows a higher amount of nutrients and vitamins to be included per patch than in regular supplements. Upon contact with the skin, the vitamins expand within the patch which enables them to be absorbed directly into the bloodstream. You don’t have to worry about the patches being uncomfortable, as the medical adhesive means you can wear them with minimal irritation.  

The slow-release of nutrients into the body provides a steady stream of essential vitamins and minerals over eight to 12 hours, rather than the singular hit given by supplement tablets. The absorption method is another positive of the patches, completely avoiding the digestive system in which up to 80 per cent of vitamins can be lost.  

2) Mental and general health improvements 

Each vitamin patch comes with its own unique benefits. CBD patches, legal in the UK with zero per cent THC contents, contain numerous CBD oils and are infused with additional terpenes to increase the positive effects. Some users of CBD oil and supplements have noticed a drop in levels of depression, anxiety and in particular social anxiety, in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic.  

There are numerous multivitamin, B12 and Vitamin D patches available that can provide relief from painful and irritating skin conditions, improve hair and nail growth and provide an increase in levels of alertness and general wellbeing. Without the need for a particular lifestyle or wellness programme to maximise the impact of the patches, the vast majority of people can benefit by using them as a part of everyday life. 

Alongside the CBD VITPatch, users can still enjoy the benefit of additional supplements such as VITOil and VITCreams without worrying about side-effects.  

CBD oil at the VitCo in Preston, Lancashire

The VitCo offer a range of products, including a wide variety of CBD oils and creams - Credit: The VitCo

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3) Boosts focus and fitness 

Whilst everyone stands to improve their general wellness by taking vitamin patches, those with demanding physical and mental careers may find that these supplements create a noticeable improvement in performance.  

The slow-release technology implemented in each patch is of particular interest to athletes and academics. The constant supply of essential nutrients throughout the day ensures that those who have gruelling training regimes do not suffer a lack of vitamins. In addition, those working long shifts in environments requiring constant concentration can rejuvenate without having to fit in times to take tablet supplements.  

4) Effective during the day and night 

Vitamin patch being worn at the VitCo in Preston

Vitamin patches can be applied at any time of day, and can be worn during daily activities - Credit: The VitCo

Many will find that leaving the vitamin patches on during the day works well, but the potency of the patches remains the same throughout all hours. The products will still work for those who would rather apply the patch at night, sleep for eight hours and then remove it in the morning.  

Some may also find that the use of vitamin and CBD patches helps to regulate their sleeping patterns and provide a calming sensation and peace of mind during sleep. 

5) Conscientiously created 

A wide number of vitamin patches, including TheVitCo range, are formulated by scientists using organic ingredients compatible with vegan diets. Many patches avoid components such as sugar, caffeine, GMO’s, peanuts, dairy and many other ingredients likely to inflame allergies or cause distress. 

The VitCo was created by three partners, Jack Taylor, Simon Malcolm and Peter Love. Peter previously launched vitamin patch brand Ohana Patches. The VitCo seeks to provide a UK based product previously reserved for the United States. 

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