Top summer tanning and sun lotion products

Get a natural looking tan this summer with one of these self tans we've tried and tested especially for you

Stay safe in the sun with our pick of sun lotions

Caudalie Soleil Divin Body and Face sunscreen SPF20, for dark or already tanned skin, �21.50 for 100ml, with the fragrance of frangipani flowers, watermelon and lemon

Try Clarins new 50+ Sun Care Milk Lotion Spray, �17.50 for 150ml, an ultra sheer and surprisingly light very high sun protector for the body.

Help avoid wrinkles with Ahava Sun Protection Anti-Ageing Moisturising Spray SPF30, �19 for 250ml

Korres Walnut and Coconut Face and Body Suntan Oil, �12 for 150ml with natural oils for a long lasting tan and natural protection from the sun

Jurlique SPF30 Sun Cream �40 for 100ml, scented with pine essential oil and infused with lavender and orange which help to soothe sun exposed skin.

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Korres: 0870 850 3868

1. Clinique Self Sun Body Tinted Lotion, �16 for 125ml

What it says: ‘tinted bronzing lotion, gives you instant colour, deep golden tan develops in a few hours, looks smooth, even and natural’.

The results: This gel/cream went on easily and was easy to apply because of the tint. I didn’t notice any further change in colour until the next morning, but this was a golden shade I loved, which lasted for five days or more.

2. Elemis Total Glow Self Tanning Cream, �22.50 for 125ml

What it says: ‘easily absorbed self tanning lotion gives a natural golden tan 2-3 hours after application’.

The results: Colour developed slowly but surely and was even and golden. It was easily absorbed and smelt quite pleasant for a self tanning cream! Colour lasted all week.

3.  Sisley Self Tanning Lotion For The Body, �61.50 for 150ml

What it says: ‘works rapidly to give a natural looking, even and glowing colour, fresh, fluid, non-greasy texture, quick and easy application’.    The results: This is by far my favourite. It’s not cheap but the colour achieved and coverage was fantastic. It sprays on easily with a pump rather than an aerosol and feels like it is nourishing your skin.

4.  Bliss A Tan For All Seasons, �26.50 for 150ml

What it says: ‘advanced antioxidant-infused self-tanner gives you a gradual head-to-toe tan with a transfer resistant bronzer so you can see where you’re spraying’.

The results: I’m not usually a big fan of aerosol tans but this was good. The colour that developed was golden bronze but the best thing for me about this tan was there was no unpleasant whiff at all.

5. He-Shi New Dark Foaming Mousse,  �27 for 150ml

What it says: ‘use one pump per body part, adding more if a deeper colour is required, light velvety texture, you can dress immediately as it will not stain clothes’.

The results: This mousse was surprisingly easy to use, was light and velvety and had no unpleasant smell to it. I was nervous about the word ‘dark’ thinking it was going to develop into some sort of mahogany shade but the initial tan was even and golden.



Clinique: 0870 034 2566

Elemis: 01278 727830

He-Shi: 0845 301 1060

Sisley: 020 7591 6380

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