How hip and knee replacement surgery can restore your quality of life

Specialist surgeon James Hahnel from Yorkshire Hip and Knee Group cycling to aid patient recovery

Specialist surgeon James Hahnel with patient Rocky, who was back cycling again within three weeks of surgery. - Credit: James Hahnel

With the world’s eyes on the Olympics, there’s no better time to celebrate leading an active and healthy lifestyle.

Whether running, cycling, or enjoying a stroll through the park, it’s important that you feel at your best. Specialist consultant orthopaedic hip and knee surgeon James Hahnel, from the Yorkshire Hip and Knee Group, reveals how he can help you do just that.

Working alongside experienced surgeons Richard Grogan and Chris Brew, he provides patient-centred care dedicated to helping patients get back on their feet.

Q: James, can you tell us a little about the patients that you’ve helped?

Patient playing football after private knee surgery from The Yorkshire Hip and Knee Group

The Yorkshire Hip and Knee Group offer private hip and knee surgery to help you get back on your feet quickly and enjoy doing the things you love. - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

A: Of course. For so many of my patients, surgery is about helping them get back to doing the things that they love. It's enabled patients like Rocky (pictured above) to get back to cycling within three weeks of surgery. 

We offer hip and knee replacements (total, partial and revision) as well keyhole surgery (arthroscopy). Our goal is to get you active and pain-free. We want to see you getting back to the activities you love, such as cycling, golfing, or playing with your grandchildren. Surgery boosts my patients’ confidence, quality of life, and independence.

Q: What are the benefits of private healthcare?

Scan the QR code to book at appointment at the Yorkshire Hip and Knee Group's private healthcare clinics.

Scan the QR code to book an appointment at one of the private clinics where the Yorkshire Hip and Knee Group offer their services. - Credit: Yorkshire Hip and Knee Group

A: You’ll receive one-to-one dedicated care from us and won’t need a referral from a GP. Within days of calling, you can have an assessment with a specialist consultant and your treatment or surgery within four to six weeks. Current waiting times on the NHS for hip and knee operations are up to two years. It can take months for people to have a consultation.

You’ll enjoy a professional, personal and friendly experience and receive excellent ongoing aftercare. Surgery can be self-funded, or there are a range of payment plans available as well as the option to use private health insurance.

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The success of the Yorkshire Hip and Knee Group is that we can work together and share knowledge and best practice for excellent results, as supported by the National Joint Registry and the testimonies of our previous patients.  We provide our services across multiple private hospitals including The Yorkshire Clinic in Bingley, and Leeds Nuffield Hospital. 

Consultant orthopaedic surgeons Richard Grogan, Chris Brew and James Hahnel from Yorkshire Hip and Knee Group

Consultant orthopaedic surgeons Richard Grogan, Chris Brew and James Hahnel - Credit: Jim Fitton Photography

Q: Who would benefit from a consultation?

A: It’s ideal for anyone who is struggling to keep up with their active lifestyle due to pain around their hip or knee. I recommend consulting a specialist if you’re having trouble getting out and about.

Q: Is hip and knee replacement surgery safe?

A: It’s never been safer. All three of us are highly specialised orthopaedic surgeons with a proven track record of delivering the best outcomes for our patients through nationally benchmarked results. We perform these surgeries daily and they provide excellent pain relief.

We will be on hand to talk you through the procedure and put your mind at ease. You’ll be entering a Covid-safe environment too. We test all our staff regularly and ask you to take a Covid-19 test and self-isolate before surgery.

Q: How long does recovery from hip or knee surgery take?

Hip and knee replacement surgery from The Yorkshire Hip and Knee Group

The Yorkshire Hip and Knee Group work collaboratively as a group across multiple private hospitals. - Credit: The Yorkshire Hip and Knee Group

A: It depends on your personal health and fitness. Many patients return home within 24-48 hours, reporting that the hip and knee pain they had before surgery has disappeared. Before being released, we’ll ensure you’re comfortable and confident walking with the help of sticks. After surgery, we’ll work with you in physiotherapy sessions to build your strength and range of movement.

We follow a practice called the non-precaution pathway that encourages patients to listen to their body, to set a pace of recovery that suits them. It’s important not to overload your knee or hip, but gradually begin upping your daily exercise to increase your joint’s function.

Most people soon forget they even have a hip or knee replacement, and can quickly enjoy a better quality of life, and return to the hobbies and activities they love. I have patients that within three weeks of their operation could walk their dogs for six to eight miles, ride their bikes, return to driving and resume playing sports.

It’s easy for you to book a consultation, receive the care you need and start making the most of your body.

For more information, visit Call Leeds Nuffield Health Clinic on 0113 213 6804 or contact The Yorkshire Clinic on 01274 352014.