A day in the life of a care home resident at Whiteley Village

Self-funding resident that lives in The Eliza Palmer nursing centre at Whiteley Village in Surrey.

The Whiteley Homes Trust pride themselves on offering person-centred care in a homely and loving environment. - Credit: Whiteley Village

For over a century The Whiteley Homes Trust has been housing and caring for older people on its 225-acre estate at Whiteley Village in Walton-on-Thames.

The historic Surrey charity manages the village, with its extensive range of facilities and beautiful green spaces, woodlands and lake. In addition to providing accommodation for those of limited means, the Trust also offers excellent residential and nursing care to self-funding residents.

Chief executive, Rachel Hill RN, tells us more about this special community and shares why it might make the ideal residential care home for you.

Q: What’s life like for residents living in your new nursing home at Whiteley Village?

Chief executive, Rachel Hill RN, at Whiteley Homes Trust charity

Chief executive, Rachel Hill RN, at Whiteley Homes Trust. - Credit: Whiteley Homes Trust

A: In 2019, we opened the Eliza Palmer Hub our state-of-the-art nursing home, with specially designed care suites and open-plan living spaces that overlook our peaceful courtyard garden and beautiful grounds.

We pride ourselves on offering person-centred care in a homely and loving environment. A sense of community is central to our ethos at Whiteley, and everyone that lives here is not just a resident, but also a villager.

The hub is located at the heart of the village and encourages and enables every resident to take part in community life as much as they wish to, and are able to. 

Q: How do you support residents’ wellbeing?

Whiteley Village residential community in Surrey

Whiteley Village is situated in 225 acres of stunning woodland, lakes and gardens. - Credit: Whiteley Village

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A: We offer a range of fun and stimulating activities tailored to suit each individual’s needs. These are organised by our wellbeing coordinators and supported by other members of our community, including volunteers of all ages and our village pastoral care team.

When residents move into the Eliza Palmer Hub, we’re keen to get to know them as individuals, including their hobbies and interests, so we can support them to continue with these as far as possible. We work with new residents and their families to create care plans that support and enhance their physical and mental health and help sustain the best quality of life. 

Q: How have you kept residents safe during Covid-19?

Surrey-based Whiteley Village is managed by The Whiteley Homes Trust Charity

Whiteley Village is managed by The Whiteley Homes Trust charity, who provide housing and care for around 400 elderly and vulnerable people living in Surrey. - Credit: Whiteley Village

A: To date, Whiteley Village has had only 12 infections during the Covid-19 pandemic, in a community of over 400 people. There were no cases in our residential care home (Ingram House) and just two in the Eliza Palmer Hub – both of whom were nursed back to health by our brilliant care team.

This is an exceptional safety record and makes Whiteley one of the safest places for older people to live in Surrey. The CQC have praised our excellent infection control measures and around 90 per cent of our staff, and almost all of our residents have now had both doses of the vaccine. This is helping protect everyone living and working in the village and reducing transmission of the virus.

Q: What services do you offer?

A: Our dedicated care team offer a range of award-winning residential and nursing care. Specialist therapy is also available in a group setting or on an individual basis from Hobbs Rehabilitation – one of the UK’s leading providers, along with additional services such as chiropody.

The Eliza Palmer Hub also features a hair salon, a large wellbeing suite for therapy sessions, and the beautiful Lantern Café. More independent residents can also enjoy the use of our extensive village facilities including our allotments, golf course, therapy pool, clubhouse and bar.

There are also dozens of clubs and societies run by villagers that help make Whiteley a thriving and supportive community.

Eliza Palmer Hub nursing centre in Whiteley Village in Surrey.

The Eliza Palmer Hub is a state-of-the-art nursing care centre, which has 30 open-plan living suites. - Credit: Whiteley Village

Q: What can visitors to your homes expect now lockdown restrictions have eased?

A: The safety of our residents is always our top priority so we’ve diligently followed all government guidelines throughout the pandemic.

We know how difficult it’s been over the last year and a half for those we care for and their relatives so we’re delighted to welcome family and friends back to our homes. We ask all visitors to follow our Responsible Visitors’ Code and as restrictions continue to ease, we’ll provide regular updates (also available on our website) to ensure families and residents remain informed.

Q: How can I find out more about living at Whiteley Village?

A: We have lots more information including videos, about what it’s like to live at Whiteley on our website. You can visit whiteleyvillage.org.uk or call us to chat with one of our friendly team. We can also organise a video call with one of the care managers to answer any questions or we're happy to arrange a Covid-safe meeting in person - including a tour of the home and the wider village community. If Whiteley sounds like the perfect place for you, then we’d love to hear from you.

Visit whiteleyvillage.org.uk to find out more. Call 01932 842360 or email info@whiteleyvillage.org.uk.