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Janine and Aniko, Nurse and Dentist

Janine and Aniko, Nurse and Dentist - Credit: Archant

First Choice Dental Clinic is the only practice is Eastbourne to offer you three of the very latest, high quality treatment options. If you don’t like visiting the dentist, are nervous or are looking for a caring, modern practice that invests in technology and training, look no further. Friendly staff at First Choice want to make your visit to the dentist a first class experience and offer the full range of general and cosmetic dentistry.

First Choice Dental Clinic

First Choice Dental Clinic - Credit: Archant


The Wand (for pain-free injections), Crystal Air Abrasion (a quiet alternative to the drill) and Safe Amalgam Removal are all available in our practice where every patient is treated with the greatest care - whether they need an implant, a filling, new dentures, a complete smile make-over or simply a check-up.


The Wand is an amazing combination of a mini-computer and small hand-piece that deliver anaesthetic very slowly. Patients feel no pain during the numbing process - this is important if you are one of many people who think that having an injection is the worst part of dental treatment. Patients have rated it 0/10 for pain - have a look at our website www.firstchoicedentalclinic.com for more information.

First Choice Dental Clinic

First Choice Dental Clinic - Credit: Archant


Crystal Air Abrasion is an almost-silent alternative to the drill. There is no vibration, just a hiss, and some patients elect not to even have an anaesthetic! It is a revolutionary option that is already extremely popular and it can be used for a wide range of treatments.

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Safe Amalgam Removal is more than “just removing and replacing old silver fillings”. The protocols and specialist equipment we use ensure that there is an extremely low exposure to mercury vapour during the process. All these procedures are designed to minimize toxic exposure and we are happy to offer further advice and/or vitamins to patients wishing to optimize their health after treatment.


Staff at First Choice Dental Clinic aim to make a visit to the dentist as pleasurable as possible; most of our patients manage a smile during their appointments! We intend to make sure that everyone has the smile they want and knows how to look after it; regular check-ups and hygiene treatments are recommended to ensure our patients have healthy teeth.

There have been great advances in technology and materials and staff at First Choice Dental Clinic undergo regular training to ensure that you receive the most recent, professional dentistry available. We offer the full range of general and cosmetic treatment (fillings, implants, crowns, veneers, bridges, flexible dentures) and Aniko (the lead dentist), Gabriella and Jacob (associates) are happy to spend time discussing your needs and concerns before you go ahead. Nervous patients are particularly welcome and are never rushed.


Please call into the practice in Eastbourne town centre, ring 01323 410414 or email us: fcdc@talktalk.net for more information. We are glad to meet new patients and are open Saturdays 9am-2pm as well as Monday-Friday from 9am-5pm.


We look forward to meeting you soon!




First Choice Dental Clinic, 16 Lushington Road, Eastbourne BN21 4LL

E-mail: fcdc@talktalk.net Tel: 01323 410 414 Web: www.firstchoicedentalclinic.com

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