How an innovative masterclass is helping heart patients in Sheffield

How an innovative masterclass by Heart Research UK is helping heart patients in Sheffield

Heart and circulatory diseases cause more than one in three of all deaths in the UK, accounting for more than 191,000 fatalities every year at an estimated cost of �30 billion to the economy.

And if those British Heart Foundation statistics don’t get your heart beating a little faster, nothing will. But now heart patients in Sheffield can breathe a little easier, thanks to a unique masterclass teaching local surgeons the latest life-saving bypass techniques.

Ashok Narayana, a specialist registrar at Northern General Hospital, took part in the groundbreaking Heart Research UK course in Oxford, led by renowned surgeons from around the world: ‘It was an exceptional, evidence-based, comprehensive and up to date review of contemporary surgical coronary artery revascularisation (surgery providing new, additional or augmented blood supply to the heart).

‘The masterclass provided in-depth insight into current global practice and has the potential to be one of the most sought-after courses in the UK in the near future.’ He was one of 36 trainee cardiothoracic surgeons to be shown new and innovative ways of harvesting blood vessels, exploring which are best to use in differing situations and how best to graft them on to the heart.

Barbara Harpham is the national director of Heart Research UK, which funded the masterclass.

She said: ‘This course for expert young surgeons was a great opportunity for them to gain new skills, knowledge as well as hands-on experience in a safe and supportive environment.

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‘Above all, it means patients in Sheffield and in other parts of the country can now benefit from having access to the best procedures that are appropriate for their conditions.

‘Our charity was founded to make heart surgery safer and to fund medical research that will benefit patients as soon as possible. This course does just that.’

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