How to avoid mosquitoes this summer

Konjac Sponge Tree Frog

Konjac Sponge Tree Frog - Credit: submitted

Janey Lee Grace chooses her favourite treatments, therapies and food in the county this month

Incognito suncream insect reppelent

Incognito suncream insect reppelent - Credit: submitted

What is it with me and mosquitoes? They absolutely adore me. Sadly, most insect repellents are choc-full of chemicals but fortunately there’s a natural range by Incognito. The range (visit repels the mossies and all insects, and has even been clinically proven against malaria. Now, just in time (hopefully) for some UK sunshine, the company has launched a new suncream insect repellent with SPF 25 protection too. Two-in-one, Hurrah!

When you’ve ladened on the sun cream and repellent you’re going to need a good cleanser. You may have been reading about the new phenomenon of double cleansing – a two-step process of cleaning your face twice (at night). Apparently it’s great for helping clogged pores and avoiding breakouts. It all depends on what you use though! Sometimes less is more, and with the right sponge you may not need any lotion or cream at all. Bucks-based Konjac Sponge makes natural sponges perfect for cleansing that even remove eye make-up. It has just launched its new mini sponge Rainforest Collection pore refiners. Choose from The Sloth (bamboo charcoal), The Monkey (French red clay), The Toucan (pure Konjac) or The Tree Frog (French green clay).

You can dance your way to wellbeing – embrace your inner ‘clubber’ and get toned by attending a Clubbercise class, it’s the best fun with dance fitness routines to anthems from 90s classics through to latest chart hits. It’s usually done in a darkened room with disco lights and you can even purchase glow sticks – rave on!

There are lots of classes across Herts including in Knebworth, Hemel Hempstead and Stevenage to name a few.

See for full details.

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