How you can create the perfect unique gift for your loved ones

Joel Van der Molen, founder and CEO of Vandercom Films, a company that creates bespoke films as gifts for loved ones.

Joel Van der Molen, founder and CEO of Vandercom Films. - Credit: Pawel Golonka

If the last year has taught us anything, it’s the value our loved ones bring to our lives, and what better way to show your nearest and dearest how much you care, than by giving them a gift of a lifetime that will last forever? 

Joel Van der Molen, founder and CEO of Vandercom Films, shares how you can let your family and friends know just how much they mean to you by creating a bespoke documentary film of your life, showcasing the special moments you’ve spent together.  

“Our memories and stories make us who we are, and to share that with those we hold most dear is priceless. It’s a truly unique keepsake that your loved ones can keep forever,” he explains. 

Below he reveals how you can create this special gift and what amazing treasures your personal film can hold.

Discover forgotten memorabilia

Many of us know very little about our parents’ lives before we were born - if seeing a photo of your parents from their youth fascinates you, imagine how you’d feel about having a feature-length film all about their life that you can treasure forever?  

Discovering old photographs, letters and home videos can teach us more about our family’s history and where we came from.  

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“These memories we cherish will only remain distant memories if nothing is documented. Our films can help you uphold your family’s legacy and share your unique tale with others.” Forester research says, “one minute of video is worth 1.8 million words.” 

Treasure your memories 

“At Vandercom Films, we specialise in capturing your precious moments and transform them into something truly magical.”  

“A life story documentary is not a special gift reserved for the rich and famous – they are available for everyone to enjoy. We create high quality stories that connect emotionally with your viewer, giving families a chance to tell their story in an honest and heartfelt way.” 

Covid-19 has left families physically and emotionally separated from one another, and people feeling isolated, lonely and cut off. Creating a film to share with those you love the most can help you to re-connect, re-affirm those bonds and bring joy into your life and others.

Celebrate life’s milestones 

In pre-production you will discuss important dates and events in your life that you want to cover with your filmmaker. This is a chance to pass on your experiences onto the next generation. 

Leave a legacy that lasts forever

Recall unforgettable experiences, re-enact special occasions with actors and take a nostalgic trip down memory lane to places from your past, like the home you grew up in, the school you attended or a beloved holiday destination. 

“It can take just one day to record the footage we need for your film,” says Joel. “We’ll ask you a series of questions to help us capture your shining authentic self on film, and you can share mementos, letters, music, photos and home videos.”  

“It takes between six to twelve weeks to complete your film, depending on its length and the requirements you have. We’ll update you on our progress and check-in regularly during editing to make sure everything is exactly how you picture it.”

Hold a premiere

Once your film is complete, you can plan a surprise premiere viewing for invited family and guests. Vandercom Films will help you plan the event and ensure it’s an Oscar-style red carpet spectacular and an experience you’ll never forget. And, if you want to, you can even distribute your film with Vandercom Films on major platforms like Amazon Prime. 

So, say yes to keeping your unsung family heroes’ stories alive after they are gone, leaving a legacy that lasts generations. Everyone has their own unique story. Are you ready to tell yours?

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