How to get frizz-free, straight hair

Sleek, straight hair starts with a healthy cleaning and conditioning regime

Sleek, straight hair starts with a healthy cleaning and conditioning regime - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Enjoy a frizz-free, fuss-free life with a little help from those in the know

The quest for perfectly frizz-free, straight hair can be a long and frustrating process, particularly if the phrase most commonly used to describe your coiffeur includes the words ‘hedge’ and ‘backwards’.

A recent survey by hair experts Aveda found that 63 per cent of working women aged 18-50 straightened their hair every day – that’s a minimum of 60 hours straightening a year.

The company’s answer was to introduce its new Smooth Infusion Naturally Straight (£21.50), an innovative styling cream that progressively loosens curls and kinks, leaving hair straighter after each application and shaving off precious minutes spent blow-drying and straightening. Unlike chemical straighteners, Aveda’s infusion contains naturally-derived plant fibres that invisibly attach to each hair strand while a botanical humidity barrier of organic cassava root, tapioca starch and maize fends off frizz.

Michael Lendon, advanced master creative director at Aveda, believes using the correct amount of product is almost as important as using the right product in the first place. ‘Using the correct quantity is key so you don’t overload on product,’ he explained. ‘To determine this, pull your hair into a ponytail – the circumference of the base of your ponytail is proportionate to how much product you should be using on your hair.’

A great tip – and here are some more from Yorkshire-born hairdresser Charles Worthington, who believes a great hairstyle, whether straight or curly, starts with great hair.

So, how do you make sure yours is healthy and in tip-top condition?

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• It’s important to clean styling tools like straighteners and curling tongs at least once a week with alcohol and a soft cloth to get rid of product residue that can become seared into hair, making it brittle.

• Squeeze out as much excess water as possible before applying conditioner. Hair that’s saturated doesn’t have room to absorb anything else.

• Your scalp affects the way your hair looks; a dull, dry scalp means dull-looking hair. Omega 3 fatty acids are crucial to the health of your scalp and can be found in foods like walnuts, fish and flaxseed.

• Even if you just use shampoo and conditioner make sure you work them in your hands to emulsify them before applying them to your hair. Let the products work hard so you don’t have to.

• Hair needs a specific balance of moisture to make it healthy and manageable. A naturally occurring substance called sebum locks in moisture but is washed away by normal shampoos.

Applying oil, such as the unique Renovoil Complex used in the Charles Worthington Salon at Home range (from £6.99) can help by penetrating deep inside the hair cuticle making it smoother and less prone to damage.

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