Beauty tips for lockdown

Keep up your beauty regime at home

Keep up your beauty regime at home - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Waltham Abbey-based beauty blogger, Laura Law, shares some of her favourite homemade beauty treatments that will keep you looking glamorous from head to toe during lockdown

So a trip to the salon is out of the question right now, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get creative at home in the meantime. It might seem trivial to be thinking about beauty at a time like this, but given the many proven mental and physical benefits that come from a good pamper, there is absolutely no shame in spending some of your lockdown time caring for yourself...


Now is the time to indulge in all the at-home beauty treatments that we never have time for and to treat your tresses to a moisturising hair mask. Slather on a rich, buttery product such as Coco & Eve Super Nourishing Coconut & Fig Hair Masque, and then wrap your hair in a towel for an hour before rinsing off and styling as normal. Your mane will be silky-soft, frizz free and full of shine.

If you’re missing your weekly salon blow dry, then invest in the BaByliss Big Hair Care Hot Air Styler (£70). Start by rough drying with your usual hair dryer, then once your hair is 75 per cent dry, split into small sections and dry each section with the BaByliss Styler. The heated rotating brush blasts out hot air; drying, smoothing and styling the hair whilst providing ionic frizz control. It takes a bit of getting used to, but once you get the hang of it the results are fantastic! Brows

Rather than freaking out at the thought of your brows becoming wild and unruly, you should try to view this time as a brow rehab. Nurture your brows and restore any damage caused by over plucking by using a conditioning brow treatment, such as Revitabrow. If you have any stragglers that you can’t leave then remove them with tweezers, but always leave the shape to the professionals. When lockdown is over and you return to your chosen brow specialist, they will have more to work with, leaving you with your best brows yet.


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Now is the time to start a good skincare routine and stick to it. If you don’t enjoy your current products, then consider updating your collection and you don’t need to spend a fortune to get results!

Always cleanse twice. The first cleanse will remove make up, dirt and pollution, and the second will cleanse the skin underneath. Balm cleansers are a great way to add a touch of luxury to your routine and will help to retain moisture. Exfoliate several times a week to give the skin an instant glow. Regular exfoliation will smooth the complexion, allowing other products to penetrate and do their job properly.

If you’re masking, now is the time to do it. Choose a mask suited to your skin type and massage it in to activate the ingredients. As a rule of thumb, clay-based masks are great for clarifying oily skins and balancing sebum production, whilst ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, glycerine and plant oils will treat dryness and dehydration. If fine lines, pigment or ageing is your concern, choose products that contain vitamin C, retinol or AHAs to brighten and resurface. Most masks must be left on for 10-15 minutes to work. Give your skin a shot of nourishment with a replenishing serum. Serums have a low molecular weight, so are super-efficient at delivering active ingredients directly into the skin.

Our eyes are one of the first places to show the signs of ageing because they are five times thinner than the rest of the skin on our face. The best eye creams to use are light and hydrating with active ingredients such as arnica, retinol or AHAs to soothe and hydrate. Add a slick of moisturiser to not only soften and smooth but protect the skin by maintaining a healthy barrier function. It’s not necessary to have a separate moisturiser for day and night, unless they contain active ingredients such as retinol.

Lastly, one of the most important steps in any skincare routine is SPF (sun protection). It’s essential to wear an SPF of 30 every day – even when the sun isn’t shining. The sun’s rays have the ability to penetrate the clouds and prematurely age our skin causing lines and pigmentation.


Give your tootsies a treat with this step by step DIY pedicure. Start by cutting the nails straight across before filing into shape with an emery board. Apply a dot of cuticle cream to dry cuticles and soak your feet in a bowl of warm soapy water. If you don’t have any cuticle cream, a rich body moisturiser will do.

After ten minutes or so, dry off and begin scrubbing thickened skin with a loofah or foot file. Push the skin of your cuticles back using your thumb nail, before trimming any excess skin with a pair of cuticle nippers. Massage your feet with a nourishing foot or body lotion, paying extra care and attention to any dry areas.

Before painting, it’s essential to wipe over the nails with nail varnish remover or acetone to remove any leftover oil from the nail plate – this will allow the polish to set properly. Roll a piece of tissue into a sausage shape and slide between each toe, separating them and preventing the polish from smudging.

Start by applying a base coat to protect the nail plate and to avoid staining. Paint three strokes of the base coat onto each nail, ensuring that you cover the nail properly. Now is the time to brush on your chosen shade. Always apply two coats to ensure a good depth of colour and to stop the paint looking ‘streaky’.

Applying a top coat will protect the polish from chipping and give the nails a high-shine finish. The best ones to spend your pennies on are the super glossy, Seche Vite (£9, 14ml), or OPI Start to Finish (£15.50, 15ml), which can be used as a base coat, top coat and a strengthener.

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