How to care for your ears in the summer holidays

How to care for your ears in the summer holidays

How to care for your ears in the summer holidays - Credit: Archant

With the summer holidays fast approaching, it’s important we’re aware of how to care for our ears throughout the hotter months

How to care for your ears in the summer holidays

How to care for your ears in the summer holidays - Credit: Archant

The last thing you want when relaxing abroad is to experience pain in your ears.

To help, we've summarised how best to care for your ears this summer, allowing you to have fun in the sun with your family.

Protect your ears from water

Whether you're one to dive straight in the pool on holiday, or enjoy relaxing by the edge, it's possible you may experience swimmer's ear. Certain bacteria carried in water increases the risk of swimmer's ear, even though it's one of the most common preventable ear conditions.

To help avoid swimmer's ear, make sure you towel dry your ears, whether you've done laps in the pool or just taken a shower. Custom-made earplugs for swimming may also help, designed to keep your ears water-resistant.

Avoid putting things in your ear

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Ears can be sensitive to foreign objects or liquids which, when on holiday, they are much more exposed to. New cosmetic products used only on holiday (if hastily applied), can enter the ear, which sometimes causes a negative reaction.

Using cotton buds to remove ear wax can also be dangerous. They can push ear wax further into the ear, causing more pain and possibly an infection.

So if you're going away this year, careful application of all products is recommended, and forget the DIY fixes for ear wax - your local THCP audiologist should be your first port of call.

Prepare for air travel

Our ears popping while taking off and landing in a plane isn't something that's usually bothersome, but for some, it can be a real pain in the ear - sometimes even causing temporary hearing loss. It's quite easy to reduce your chances of experiencing pain; tricks such as swallowing or yawning, sucking or chewing on sweets, or drinking through a straw can all help.

Turn it down

Summer holidays also mean festival season is upon us. Many of us are unaware of the effects of exposure to prolonged noise - anything above 85db for more than 8 hours can cause long term damage to our hearing.

Custom-made ear plugs or hearing defenders will help protect you from damaging your hearing. Plus, they're great if you're trying to get to sleep on holiday!

Enjoy summer 2019

Be prepared this year by caring for your ears, ready to enjoy the sun and sea with your family. The Hearing Care Partnership's expert audiologists will provide thorough advice, free hearing assessments and custom-made ear plugs. Book online today or call them on 0800 52 00 546.

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