If you've got back pain, it's a clear message your body isn't happy


Bradford therapist Sophia Kupse explains why she's known as the 'muscle whisperer'

Our busy lifestyles put the human mind and body to the test every day. And it’s not all about physical stress. The majority of people I see have sedentary jobs and their pain comes from emotional sources, like long term illness, depression, anxiety, phobias, divorce and bereavement.

I work with all manner of clients now at my clinics in Yorkshire and on Harley Street in London, but I actually developed my skills by working on my own mother. She was a nurse and lifted a lot of patients before the days of mandatory hoist equipment. The impact of these lifts started to affect her muscle recovery to the point where she considered early retirement.

I started working on her worst area to break down blocked trigger points and restore flexibility. Thankfully, she regained full mobility and continued to work until her official retirement ten years later. She also no longer needed anti-inflammatories and painkillers.

I later learned how hot volcanic stones (thermo therapy) helped remove toxins and the negative effects of pain, while ice marble (cryo therapy) reintroduced a positive charge into the muscles, giving them a ‘super charge’.

The key to successful muscle therapy is identifying where the problem lies. Clients always tell me where they think they feel the pain, but you can guarantee it’s not only there. My job is to locate the source causing the problem in order to restore total wellbeing.

Muscles have memory and it has been scientifically proven that our emotional state of mind can affect our physical body. My therapy, known as Langellotti Tri-Therapy, triggers the release of oxytocin, an extract from the pituitary gland that promotes feelings of contentment and wellbeing while reducing anxiety and stress.

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Clients should feel an instant sense of calm and positivity as pressure leaves their body and deep muscle relaxation is restored.

I’ve always been fascinated by how the human mind affects the physical body and in 20 years working with thousands of people from all walks of life, I’ve seen not just physical recovery, but also emotional wellbeing restored.

I listen to how muscles respond to applied pressure. It’s a two-way communication as I translate or decode what they say to me. I have been called ‘magic hands’, but most of my clients now know me as the Muscle Whisperer as I listen to their bodies and interpret the fascinating language of muscles.

For further information about Sophia Kupse and her work, phone 07957 113 425 or visit themusclewhisperer.co.uk.

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