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Leila Kaddouri of Holt shares her handbag secrets

Leila Kaddouri of Holt shares her handbag secrets - Credit: Archant

What’s in your handbag? We take a look inside the bag of Leila Kaddouri, owner of Holt boutique Kaddouri

With her children grown up, Leila Kaddouri decided to embark on a new adventure, which saw her change both county and career - opening her first shop, Kaddouri, in Holt.

“I have had a varied career, from working in the antique trade to delivering employment training but everyone used to tell me I had a real flair for creativity. I began considering what I really loved doing and the idea of the shop was born.”

After deciding to relocate from Newark, she visited Norfolk for a weekend and set her sights on Holt. “I knew instantly it was perfect. The shop was available, I met lots of great people and everything fell into place. I love the creative side and try to choose things that are a little bit unusual. It seems to have worked, as customers have been so positive.”

She says that being surrounded by so many fabulous labels can make it hard to resist.

“I have to be very disciplined,” she laughs. “Although if I’m wearing something from the shop it is nice when people compliment me and ask where it is from. When it comes to bags, I love good quality leather and nice bright colours – my current one is pink and I bought it at Delhi airport.” w

Kaddouri, Franklin’s Yard, Holt, NR25 6LZ; 01263 478867;

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Leather pink wallet by Ark, £24.95, Kaddouri

I am always losing things in my bag so this leather wallet is where I keep my essentials, especially my keys and lipstick. This is Italian leather and comes in all colours.

Fabric colour swatch

When I am out buying stock, this is a real essential as it helps me to match colours for the season ahead and co-ordinate stock in the shop.


I always have a pashmina, whatever the season. They are so versatile. It keep me warm in winter and protects me from the sun in the summer. I have even been known to wear it like a head scarf to keep my hair under control on a windy day.

Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector, £18, and Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet lipstick £8.99

I always have a couple of lipsticks. I love this Clarins product as it makes my lips incredibly soft and the Bourjois one has such a gorgeous bold, matt finish.

Red pocket-size diary and notebook, prices vary

I have a “thing” for stationery and always have a pretty colourful notepad to jot ideas down for stock and displays and also a paper diary. I spent too many years double-booking and can’t get on with using my diary on my phone.

A little something else... Beret, £55

My hair is curly so I have always worn something in it, whether a hat or some flowers. As I have got older, I love to wear a beret. We get these merino wool berets made by a little team in Barcelona to match the colours of the coats we stock.

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