In my bag: Emma Amey

Emma Amey at Cecil Amey shares the secrets of what's in her handbag

Emma Amey at Cecil Amey shares the secrets of what's in her handbag - Credit: Angela Sharpe

We take a peek inside the eye-inspired handbag of Emma Amey, director of independent opticians Cecil Amey

Chanel No 5

Chanel No 5 - Credit: Angela Sharpe

Emma Amey, who runs Norfolk family opticians Cecil Amey with her husband Robert, says ophthalmology has not just been transformed by technology – but by fashion.

“Robert’s grandfather started the business in 1924. Now it’s just the two of us – with the support of a fantastic team. The technology has moved on and there are so many different elements to optical care, which is fantastic for customer choice and treatment. But I think the biggest difference is that people are coming around to European thinking, that spectacles are very much part of your wardrobe – with different pairs for sport, work, evening wear and daily life,” she says. “Glasses are very on-trend at the moment and it enables people to show their personality and individuality.”


Eyedrops - Credit: Angela Sharpe

Emma, who runs the marketing, PR and operational side of the business, continues: “Twenty years ago, 80pc of the market was independent opticians, now they make up just 18pc of it. We don’t try to compete with the multiple chains, we have to do things differently – with the best individual customer service, excellent clinical care and a great range of products. A regular eye check is essential, no matter what your age, not just for your eyes, but your general health as well.”

When it comes to her handbag, Emma’s is certainly very apt.

Cross pen

Cross pen - Credit: Angela Sharpe

“My daughter persuaded my husband to buy me a Lulu Guinness bag with a pair of eyes on it as a present. I absolutely love it - the team always say – the bag’s arrived, she’s here!”


Organiser - Credit: Angela Sharpe

Mulberry organiser, from £225

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It is a bit old fashioned and I’ve had it years, but cannot be without it. Everything goes in it, for work and home as I am very disorganised.

iPod and earphones

iPod and earphones - Credit: Angela Sharpe

Chanel No5, Eau De Toilette 50ml, £55

Glasses and sunglasses

Glasses and sunglasses - Credit: Angela Sharpe

I love Chanel No5, it is a classic beautiful scent. For a short period I tried something else, but my goddaughter said I didn’t smell like me any more, so I changed back.

Cross fountain pen, from £50.

When I graduated from university as a mature student, my best friend bought me a beautiful fountain pen as a present. I treasured it and used it all the time, then I lent it to my husband once, and he lost it. This is the replacement he bought me.

Blink Intensive Tears eye drops, 10ml, £5.99

My eyes get incredibly dry and it can be a real problem, so these are essentials.

Tom Ford glasses and Chanel sunglasses, prices vary.

Now at a certain age, reading glasses are a must, and I love the Tom Ford designs. Sunglasses are essential and I love Chanel; the quality never waivers.

And a little something else...

Apple headphones

I listen to music all the time, walking home from work, in the supermarket and even in the office. Whether stressed or happy, music is always the answer.

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