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As we get on in life, our age can impact on our eyesight making day-to-day tasks more tricky. Charlotte Embling takes a look at the latest developments in varifocal lenses

GLASSES are a fact of life for many people and something that need to be constantly reassessed as our eyes change with age. By the time we reach our mid forties the focussing lens inside our eyes looses some of its flexibility. This makes it less easy to focus on near objects, making small print less easy to read. This condition is called presbyopia and affects virtually everyone at some point.

When this occurs varifocals, lenses designed to enable the wearer to see clearly at all distances when looking through the correct part of the lens, are generally required.Over the years varifocal lens designs have become more sophisticated and there is now a wider choice than ever before. This is why it is important to go to a specialist optical practice with knowledgeable and qualified staff to ensure you are given a range of options depending on what you use your sight for. For example, some designs are more suitable if you do a lot of close work and others for more distance and intermediate tasks, such as looking at a computer screen.

Varifocal lens designs now range from basic, stock designs through to totally bespoke lenses, which are manufactured individually for the wearer, based not only on the prescription but also a number of individual Eyecoded measurements. This is similar to having a made to measure suit made.

Halstead’s Wardale Williams, and its sister company Observatory the Opticians, became the first outlets in the UK to supply Eyecode, revolutionary lenses which have been hailed as the most exciting development in eye care in decades, providing wearers with an unprecedented standard of vision. Today, Wardale Williams remains the region’s leading distributor of the range.

Mary-Anne Barron, senior optician at Wardale Williams, explains: ‘This is one of the most exciting developments in eye care that I have seen. It really does allow us to offer our patients a fantastic new level of service.’

All you need to know about Eyecode and varifocals

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Experts from Wardale Williams explain the advantages of Eyecode lenses and offer some top tips for those with varifocals

1. How are Eyecode lenses produced?Eyecode lenses are developed with a revolutionary terminal, known as a VisiOffice, which measures and records eye data as unique as a fingerprint. The terminal actually calculates the measurements from inside the eye, monitoring visual behaviour, plotting movement and point-by-point adjustments, exactly where the patient needs them.

2. Is there any discomfort associated with the procedure?Amazingly, the procedure, which is completely pain free and effortless for the patient, takes just 30 seconds to complete.

3. What are the advantages of these lenses?By capturing individual eye data, Eyecode lenses are fine-tuned to match natural needs of the eye. Scientific research shows the breakthrough product results in visual performance, accuracy and precision five times higher than any other lens on the market.4. Can I have any frame when choosing varifocals? A knowledgeable dispensing optician will be able to guide you on frame styles and sizes suitable for your needs. This will vary depending on the lens design chosen as well as your prescription and visual needs.

5. What happens if I do not get on with them?We will guide you in how to use your varifocals and to adapt to get the best vision from them. Also, the latest lens technology ensures they are much easier to adapt to than older designs. However, if you find you cannot adapt to them within a reasonable period, we will exchange them for single-vision or bifocal spectacles and refund the difference. We also offer a full money-back guarantee.

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