Is regular exercise really that hard?

Sister Gleyns and Tracey Reynolds

Sister Gleyns and Tracey Reynolds - Credit: Archant

Sisters Gleyns and Tracey Reynolds founders of Repose Studio in Buckhurst Hill to WEL about exercising and motivation

We all know that exercise is good for us, so why do we find every excuse not to do it? With images of the ‘perfect body’ being advertised as a realistic and achievable shape it has given us an unrealistic idea on why we need to exercise. As a boutique gym owner I recognise that for 90% of clients the motivation for coming to a class is to change how bad their body looks (to them) and not the long term benefits it provides. This overcomplicates why we need to exercise and instead of aiming for a better version of ourselves we aim for an image of someone else’s body, this is impossible to achieve. The end result is we give up on exercise all together, missing out on the important factor - OUR HEALTH. We simply need to get moving, get our heart pumping and stop going from the office chair to the sofa. It can be as simple as three short workouts a week. You don’t have to already be fit, young, slim or in perfect health to get exercising, but you do have to understand that you need to routine regular exercise in to your weekly schedule. It should be a priority and not a seasonal chore. What gets real and lasting results is regular exercise.

We have recently introduced a start slow and stay motivated programme. Great for anyone who feels too intimidated or overweight to join a class, for anyone who has never exercised and needs a kick start to get back to exercise. It’s a gentle start quickly building clients up at a comfortable pace dramatically improving health, fitness and stamina. A great kick start to a healthier life. This is a totally individual programme for each client.

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