Jemma Kidd shares her top make-up tips

Make-up artist to the stars, Jemma Kidd, 34, has her own make-up school, near Cranleigh, and knows just what is hot and what is not

Originally published in Surrey Life magazine March 2009Make-up artist to the stars, Jemma Kidd, 34, has her own make-up school, near Cranleigh, and knows just what is hot and what is not Which is the one piece of make-up you cannot live without and why? Mascara. I have long fair lashes and a layer of mascara really defines and widens my eyes. What do you think is the best product for combating fine lines? The Jemma Kidd I-Rescue Bio Complex Cover is perfect for reducing fine lines around the eyes. For the face, I like NuBo Voile, which acts as an instant plumper. No7's Protect and Perfect foundation is also great as an all-over line filler. How do you stay in shape? I go horse riding about four times a week Have you ever been on a diet? I tend to detox rather than diet, I don't drink tea or coffee and I opt for brown bread and rice, rather than white. Where do you have your hair cut? At my friend Ashley Xavier's salon in New York when I am travelling. What shampoo do you use? James Brown or Bumble & Bumble. Which women do you think are beautiful? Monica Bellucci, Cate Blanchett and Angelina Jolie are all beautiful. What essential item do you always have in your handbag and why? My iPhone - because it contains so many of the things I use on a daily basis, such as my music, contacts and diary. Which is your favourite perfume ? Fleurs D'Oranger by Serge Lutens. Would you consider cosmetic surgery? I am not against it, as I have seen some fantastic results, but at the moment my focus is on looking after my skin and eating a healthy balanced diet. What would be your single best beauty tip? Don't follow trends religiously. It is far better to work with your features and interpret part of a trend into your look. For example, the trend for 'rock chick' smoky eyes is a very popular one but some people simply don't suit it. If this is you, then incorporate the trend by opting for a softer smoky eye, using greys rather than black.

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Since establishing the Jemma Kidd Make Up School as the professional college of choice, Jemma has also gone on to develop a portfolio of non-professional workshops and masterclasses for individuals or small groups to discover a wealth of pro-tips and handy hints.

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