Keeping fit and achieving your goals

Toby Rowland in action

Toby Rowland in action - Credit: Archant

Toby Rowland, owner of TQR Training in Loughton talks to WEL about making positive lifestyle changes for 2016, keeping fit and achieving your goals

Personal trainer Toby Rowland

Personal trainer Toby Rowland - Credit: Archant

Who are you?

Owner of TQR Training, featured fitness model and MaxiNutrition Ambassador

Where do you train?

TQR Training

Why do you do what you do?

It’s my passion, I love it. I get a buzz out of helping people and changing their lives – giving them confidence and making them healthier.

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What have you discovered to be the greatest motivator for clients to get fit?

To improve their lives, to make positive steps to make themselves better. Bottom line, people want results - they want to look fitter, leaner and healthier.

How do you keep your clients focussed on their goals?

I tell them to be the best they can be. I give them small targets and incentives which are building blocks leading to their ultimate goal.

Do you have a signature style when training your clients?

No I adapt to the individual client. Some clients require a softer approach. Whilst others like to be hit as hard as possible.

Do you advise clients on nutrition, if so, what do you believe is key to good nutrition?

Yes, the key is simply consistency. I have to educate clients and advise them long term solutions, not quick fix diets. It’s a lifestyle choice.

Which client have you had the biggest impact on?

My client Alex, he had a poor lifestyle, was obese, had low self-esteem and generally wasn’t happy. He has lost in excess of 10 stone over a sustainable period of time. He has built muscle, he is leaner, his confidence has increased and now he is a different man.

Which client has had the biggest effect on you?

My client Adam, he beat the odds against cancer. He led an unhealthy busy life in the City, and after he overcame his illness, he decided to make changes. He now has his own business. He’s gone from 110kg to 75kg. He is healthier, stronger and happier.

In one sentence if you could inspire our readers to get fit with you, what would you tell them?

Stop dreaming ‘I will one day’… start achieving now and making positive changes to your life.

Why is keeping fit so important to you?

It’s my career, a massive part of my life, it gives me structure, it keeps me positive and productive, as well as putting a smile on my face.

What’s next for TQR Training?

Make sure in 2016 our clients achieve their goals. It’s ultimately about results and as body sculpting experts, we deliver that.

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