Kent Life fashion guru Paula Fry


On how to make that smooth move from office daywear to night

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Kent Life fashion guru Paula Fry on how to make that smooth move from office daywear to night

How many times have you worried about what to wear for work?  Back in the day when the power suit reigned, it was almost ‘a uniform’ in itself. Matchy-matchy shoulder-padded jacket with below-the-knee skirt and a blouse of your choice or some tailored trousers with a pleat so sharp you’d get a paper cut.

Thank heavens workwear is now a little bit more relaxed and should be easier to navigate. With so much choice, the key is making sure the items you invest in are classic enough to last and can slip into the mix with your casual wardrobe. 

For instance, silk jersey wrap dresses can be easily dressed up with heels and a blazer for a meeting and equally toned down with a denim jacket and ballet flats for a trip to the pub.

Tailored Capri pants can be worn with a silk blouse and tux but will still cut the mustard with cotton tee, cashmere jumper and high-tops. Dual wear is where it’s at in my book.  With the exemption of some evening wear, I have nothing off limits for work or play.

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With more of the workforce now being based at home, mix and matching your clothes has become a necessity. Spending your day in joggers, yesterday’s T-shirt and slipper socks might be comfortable but you should still make an effort when you’re at home as it helps your working mindset. I know, I’ve been there.

A pair of smart, dark jeans with a white shirt are both simple, practical and stylish to wear indoors. Throw on your blazer and heels and some chunky jewellery and you’re ready for a meeting with the bank manager. Change into trainers and throw on a sweater and you can still go walkies with the dog.

For the classics, you need to think investment buys and not cheap fashion fixes. I have designer jackets in my wardrobe that I’ve had for years and still wear on a weekly basis.

Learning to accessorise with these will keep you from getting bored. Silk scarves, fashion jewellery, a decent handbag and a flash of coloured stiletto are all little tricks that divert the eye and keep you looking current.

Paula Fry

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