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Defy April showers in this season's range of vivid colours guaranteed to lift the spirits, whatever the weather

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Defy April showers in this season’s range of vivid colours guaranteed to lift the spirits, whatever the weather

Drip, drip, drop Little April shower....grab that Burberry mac!  Although it already seems we’ve had the perfect weather for ducks since the summer that never was, April is traditionally the month when we think about how to keep looking stylish while we are trying to keep dry.

This is the month of the trench coat. Whether you’re lucky enough to own a timeless original Burberry or a well-made lookalike, now is the time to give it an airing. The high street is awash with many variations of macs and trenches, but make sure if you’re spending £££’s you buy a classic shape with a belt. This will ensure that, with care, it should last you years.

Wear them over dresses or skinny jeans, wear them to work or out shopping with heels or boots. A trench can be incredibly versatile, but ensure you have enough room for light layers underneath and keep them slightly fitted.

You don’t want to wear large jumpers that will give you sausage arms or to be mistaken for Inspectors Gadget or Clouseau.

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A quilted Barbour jacket (navy is my favourite colour in this style) looks great with jeans and boots, keeping you dry and warm too. For added spice, take a trip up to Liberty and get a special edition silk-lined one or, as with the trench, hit the high street for a fabulous copy.

You could go all festival and grab yourself a parka – not always khaki green (who knew).  Maybe the seventies throwback pac-a-mac is more your style.

Finally, I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again: accessorise! A trilby is great for keeping your head dry and protected from the dreaded hair frizz.

For your feet, you can’t go wrong with Hunter wellingtons – the perfect wet weather gear for your tootsies. There are lots of colours available but navy, black or army green make the best sense.

All you need now is a wacky Lulu Guinness printed brolly (or a cheaper alternative) and you’re good to go.

Paula Fry

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