Kilian Hennessy launches new fragrance: Black Phantom, Memento Mori

Kilian Hennessy

Kilian Hennessy - Credit: Archant

Ladies, meet Kilian Hennessy, perfume-maker and all round hunk of loveliness, whose ethos in life is that luxury should last a lifetime, bringing pleasure to the purchaser for evermore.

Black Phantom, Memento Mori

Black Phantom, Memento Mori - Credit: Archant

Not an easy task when that luxury is scent, but this elegant Frenchman has managed it – and with just the style you’d expect from the grandson of the co-founder of LVMH (Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton), the world’s largest luxury goods conglomerate.

Let’s face it, this is a man who, quite frankly, had no need to work. A life of indulgence could have been his, and with his shudderingly dark good looks and Gallic charm, ‘playboy’ could have been a role written in his stars. But no, instead, Kilian Hennessy decided follow family tradition and create a new luxury brand.

In 2007, Hennessy launched his own namesake brand, By Kilian, having first trained with the greatest noses in perfumery and worked for the most prestigious perfume houses. His aim was to achieve a perfect alliance between elegance and luxury. His ‘eco-luxe’ philosophy that each bottle can be refilled and kept for a lifetime adds a shine to every purchase.

He has created a series of fragrance collections, each representing a story of his own creation and within each collection the naming of each scent gives an indication of his personal expectation of the emotional reaction we will have to each one. A little tongue in cheek perhaps, but there is no doubting that Hennessy wants us to know exactly what the woman who chooses Good Girl Gone Bad, or Voulez Vous Couchez Avec Moi both from the In The Garden of Good and Evil collection, wishes to project, or the man or woman who craves the incredible new release – Black Phantom, Momento Mori.

As you might expect from a man who spent his childhood playing hide and seek among the cognac barrels of the cellars on the family estate, his use of rich and heady notes of rum, burnt sugar, tobacco and luscious florals informs many of his fragrances and this new scent is no exception: it opens with a hit of rum-laced coffee that immediately transports you to the end of an evening filled with promise, before earthy notes of vetiver combine with sweet sugar cane and a creamy base note of sandalwood in a heady, positively mouth-watering concoction that screams hedonsism. When designing this scent, Hennessy kept one thought front of mind: eat, drink and be merry, for tomorrow we may die. Oh lord, it’s a sexy scent and, like all his creations, lasts and lasts…still there when you go to bed and still there next morning too, a heady memory of a night well spent?

Luxury pervades every element of his offering, with the packaging no exception. As each bottle is refillable, investment has been made in its design and quality you won’t find anywhere else. Weighty, tactile and very beautiful, the bottles are a delight, but it’s the clutches and coffrets that accompany the bottles that will really blow your mind. From the silk-lined, skull-topped box enfolding Black Phantom, Momento Mori to the desperately elegant, must-have (need, just need) snake-topped clutch that accompanies the Garden of Good and Evil collection, every piece is a collectable it would be all too easy to get hooked on, that’s if your addiction to the perfume doesn’t take you there first.

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By Kilian Black Phantom, Memento Mori, 50ml £245

Harvey Nichols Manchester

from 15 April

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