Langtons salon in Lewes amongst the first to use 3D Skin Tech

Woman Receiving a Facial Mask. Mike Watson Images - Getty Images/moodboard RF

Woman Receiving a Facial Mask. Mike Watson Images - Getty Images/moodboard RF - Credit: Getty Images/moodboard RF

A salon in Lewes is the first in Sussex to invest in 3D Skin Tech, a four-pronged approach to anti-ageing. Jenny Mark-Bell took her winter-weary complexion to test the results

When I think of all the nonsense I’ve inflicted on my skin over the past couple of months, I cringe. Late nights when taking off make-up seems as unlikely as scaling the Burj Khalifa; fatty food; the interminable wind and rain.

So it is with a sense of belated virtue that I have shipped up to Langtons in Lewes. Under the street-level hair salon, there’s an upmarket beauty salon decorated in soft dove grey, all a-twinkle with scented candles. I’ve come to Langtons to experience their 3D Skin Tech system, as it is the first spa in Sussex to invest in this non-surgical, non-invasive machine, which adopts a four-pronged approach to achieving five main aims: anti-ageing; plumping, brightening; smoothing; and lifting.

After a detailed consultation (I even have to ‘fess up to how much sugar I eat!), therapist Emily tucks me up in the softest, comfiest treatment bed and begins the first stage of the process.

Many of us love the effects of microdermabrasian, but hate the residue the tiny, exfoliating crystals sometimes leave. This system combines remarkably efficient diamond-head exfoliation with suction. It’s supremely satisfying, like having a miniature Hoover going about its business on your face.

Next is a radiofrequency session, which helps to break down the old collagen in the face and stimulates new collagen production. It temporarily plumps the skin, but the long-term effects are the most desirable; tauter, smoother skin and a cleaner profile. Using a plastic head to smooth over each side of my face in turn, Emily gradually increases the frequency until it feels hot and tingly. It’s not the most delicious sensation, but perfectly bearable.

As I have some redness related to skin sensitivity, I’m particularly interested in the next stage. Small electrical currents help two serums to deeply penetrate the skin – the first skin-lightening, the second deeply moisturising and anti-ageing. There’s a slight prickling, almost a flickering sensation – electromesotherapy, as it’s called, definitely feels electrical.

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With the hard work done, it’s time to relax in a thick, hyaluronic acid face mask that feels as refreshing as a dip in a mountain stream. LED phototherapy bumps up the skin-plumping and rejuvenating effects, while I lie there happy as a clam.

After what feels like numerous serums, creams and SPF are applied, my skin looks good as new. Which it is, really. While a course of six to eight sessions is recommended to reap the maximum benefits, just one makes me feel that, for once, I’ve shown my largest organ the respect it deserves.

One 90-minute treatment is £150, a course of six is £650.

Langtons, 12 Fisher Street, Lewes; 01273 477678

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