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Opening at the end of 2009, the Light Touch Clinic is an anti-ageing clinic set in the heart of Guildford High Street. With the cosmetics industry barely affected by the depths of recession, they are expecting 2010 to be hugely exciting

ADVERTISING FEATURE: Originally published in Surrey Life magazine January 2010

Opening at the end of 2009, the Light Touch Clinic is an anti-ageing clinic set in the heart of Guildford High Street. With the cosmetics industry barely affected by the depths of recession, they are expecting 2010 to be a hugely exciting year for the company

What are your hopes for your business in 2010?We hope to continue growing as steadily as we did at the end of 2009, when we opened the Light Touch Clinic in the centre of Guildford. As a new anti-ageing clinic specialising in injectables, we want to develop our reputation as experts. We already offer a wide range of treatments including Botox, Restylane, Sculptra, Juv�derm, Dermaroller and Obagi skin care and procedures can vary from lip augmentation or smoothing over fine lines to a complete ‘liquid facelift’. In 2010, we will be bringing new procedures on board as they develop and see even more satisfied clients.

What sets your business apart from those of your competitors?Light Touch Clinic is a doctor-led clinic. Dr Natalie Blakely, BA, MBBS, BACD, GMC Registered, is a highly qualified doctor who focuses solely in non surgical, injectable procedures. As an anti-ageing specialist her expertise in this area is second to none. As a doctor, she has an in-depth understanding of the complexities of ageing, how it affects anatomy, skin tone, fat loss and volume loss, so she can recommend precisely the right balance of treatments to achieve the effects you want. Another real point of difference is the atmosphere. Light Touch is a deliberately ‘un-clinicy’ environment: it’s comfortable and elegant and is conveniently situated right in the heart of Guildford’s premier shopping district. We want every visit to feel like a treat and that’s something clients tell us they really appreciate.

What developments do you expect to see in 2010?The cosmetic medicine industry saw only a five per cent dip in customers in the depths of the recession, and growth of around 15 per cent is forecast for 2010. Injectables were once something only celebrities could afford but these treatments are now becoming more acceptable and accessible – people are happy to talk about Restylane or Sculptra treatments to their friends in a way they weren’t even a couple of years ago. And with the level of expertise available at Light Touch Clinic, you no longer have to go to Harley Street for treatment. As well as smoothing over wrinkles and filling out deeper lines, we can treat conditions such as excessive sweating and acne scarring and are also likely to see injectables become even more versatile and effective as the science develops. We’ll also be focusing very much on the face as the ‘canvas’ for procedures, constantly seeking to maximise the effect of our anti-ageing treatments.

Who are your customers?At our recent launch event, our Prize Draw was won by a 23-year-old woman – and at the other end of the age spectrum we have a 69 year old client. We treat women and men of all ages and from a wide geographical area from Guildford and Surrey right across the home counties and beyond. It’s a business where reputation is important. Clients who recommend us to friends can result in new contacts from further afield. 

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What do you find rewarding about your business?The most exciting aspect is the instant transformation we can create. With most treatments, a client can walk out looking younger, more vibrant – and visibly happier with their appearance! Even procedures that take a little longer to take effect can radically improve someone’s looks in a few days and now provide a safer, but really effective alternative to surgery. This is also a fast-developing business where every conference brings new techniques and ideas, all of them making cosmetic medicine easier and more accessible to a wider group of people.

What is your business mantra?We make looking great a life-enhancing experience.

What is the best thing about doing business in Surrey?It’s obviously a superb environment. Being in the heart of Guildford is a business plus for us – it’s convenient and our clients can combine shopping with a visit to our clinic, which is a really elegant, comfortable haven right on Guildford High Street. But it’s about people, too: Surrey people are discerning and they appreciate the best. They are interested in new ideas and care about looking good. All of which makes Light Touch the right business, in the right place at the right time – and to celebrate 2010 we’re making a special offer of a free consultation with Dr Natalie Blakely, including a complete facial analysis. You can book now by calling us on 01483 568013 now. We look forward to seeing you!

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