Lily Allen's fashion label Lucy In Disguise in glittering Harvey Nichols launch

Adam Hudson gets the lowdown on Lily Allen's new label at a glittering Harvey Nichols launch

Singer turned designer Lily Allen and sister Sarah Owen turned up at Harvey Nichols, Exchange Square recently for the launch of their fabulous new label Lucy in Disguise.

It was a “fashion moment” for Manchester, as the pair really blew away the city’s fashionistas with their creativity.

While showcasing eight pieces from the new range which focuses on vintage styles from the past, they described the concept behind the clothing.

 ‘When we were setting up the shop in London, the idea was for it to be an invitation into Lucy’s apartment and that she was sharing the clothes she had collected throughout the decades, said 26-year-old Lily in the �240 Haight-Ashbury design - named after a the legendary street in San Francisco.

‘With this first collection we didn’t want to pigeonhole ourselves as anything in particular. Instead we wanted to give the public an idea of what we’re about as a brand and show our love of vintage clothing’.

Added Sarah, wearing the �240 Jitterbug, US prom-style dress: ‘This  is based on the first ever vintage purchase of Lily’s at 14 at a market and the Roxy jumpsuit is based on one of my old favourite 70’s polyester jobbies.

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‘When thinking of ideas we come to the table with the third part of our design collaborative who puts our thoughts and ideas onto paper. Whether it is from print, things we’ve bought for the shop, photos, pictures or even just film references’.

So what did the punters think? After quizzing the crowd - it was safe to assume they loved the collection!

Hannah Morse, 15, a student from Manchester said: ‘It’s really nice as the pieces are not all the same, everything is quite different’.

Jourdana Duoba, 18, a Harvey Nichols model from Manchester, was wowed: ‘I love it! The pieces are very feminine and cater for different body shapes. I think the prices are reasonable and I would definitely purchase from the collection’.

Stacey Barry, 30, a teacher from Cheshire, enthused: ‘It’s absolutely fab and I love the dresses, they’re gorgeous. I’d say the prices were a little bit steep but for special occasions it would be worth it’.

Laura Byron, 20, a debt advisor from Preston, said: ‘I think the collection is really nice. I am purchasing from Lucy In Disguise today! If you want something nice for going out or for a wedding then it’s perfect’.

Lily explained: ‘A lot of contemporary wear nowadays is very androgynous and we felt like there was a bit of a hole in the market for femininity.

‘That’s why we created this line of girly dresses because we think that girls still want to dress up’.

And what about the future of Lucy In Disguise?Sarah revealed: ‘We’ve got a plan that says when we launch accessories, swimwear, shoe-wear, eyewear, but that’s exactly it, a plan.

‘We’re going to take each season as it comes and see what happens’.

The sisters made clear that they would not be venturing into menswear but hinted that a kidswear range might be in the pipeline.

The possibility of more Lucy In Disguise stores was not ruled out either as Lily pointed out: ‘We’ll look at our spreadsheets, see what is and isn’t working and decide from there really’.Emma Doyle, 28, fashion PR at Manchester Fashion Network, said: ‘We’re really excited about Lucy In Disguise.

‘They’ve thought about what they wanted to achieve, learnt from their own styles and captured inspiration from their travels and have created a range that will suit women.

‘We have a massive vintage following and Lucy In Disguise will only enhance Manchester’s profile on the vintage scene.

‘Lily and Sarah haven’t just decided on a vintage shop but they know exactly what they want and what they’re doing as we saw from the Channel 4 documentary - ‘From Riches To Rags’.‘As a platform Lily’s name might be used and people will associate with it, but I think as the brand matures it will grow its own identity and be respected for being Lucy In Disguise’.Lily and Sarah's Lucy in Disguise range is now available at Harvey Nichols on Manchester's Exchange Square. Prices are from �95-�350.

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