Look after your body this Valentine’s Day

Grade A tea

Grade A tea - Credit: submitted

Radio 2 health expert, Imperfectly Natural author and Herts mum Janey Lee Grace chooses her favourite treatments, therapies and food in the county

Global Soul healing heart

Global Soul healing heart - Credit: submitted

February is the month of passion and whether you have a partner or not it’s time to focus on love and TLC – for yourself! Most of us spend way too much time worrying about the minutiae of life and forget to treat ourselves. So make February the month you give yourself an MOT (we do it for our cars because it’s illegal not to... why not us?).

Ideas to tune you up and get you in good order:

Add superfoods to your diet and ditch the chemicals in your skincare. For natural glowing skin, I love the purity of the handmade products from Herts company Mallow and White (mallowandwhite.co.uk). Check out the cleansing oil, facial oil and face mask. They’re 100 per cent organic and 10 per cent of profits go to charity.

Remember that where your focus and attention goes... energy flows. Feeling stressed and overworked? That’s what you will get more of! So take some time out to reassess and ‘treat’ yourself. One of the quickest ways to feel great is to ‘up the anti’ – that’s the antioxidants. Check out the OMGtea (OMGteas.co.uk). It’s organic Matcha tea, full of essential antioxidants and perfect for a healthy Valentine love-in.

Do some exercise that you enjoy. I’m still ‘channelling’ Darcey Bussell and enjoying Fitsteps classes (It’s Strictly Come Dancing without a partner) at Sportspace classes (sportspace.co.uk), part of Dacorum Sports Trust in the Dacorum borough. If you want a very special gift for the woman in your life (or to treat yourself because you deserve it, right?) Global soul jewellery is a range of gorgeous Fairtrade silver pieces handcrafted in the UK. Founder Jacqui Land designed the items during meditation sessions and hopes they bring positivity and love. See globalsouljewellery.co.uk.

I can’t talk about love without mentioning chocolate of course. Most health shops in Herts sell fabulous raw cacao chocolate or you can make your own. Apply raw cacao as a face mask too. Mix with a little coconut oil and sea salt – all the indulgence without the guilt.