Love you skin: 10 essential skin care tips

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This time of year isn’t just about love for each other, it’s about love for yourself as well. So Emma Rogers, of Beauty by Emma in Weston-super-Mare, takes Charlotte Skidmore through 10 essential points of a skin care regime


Emma tells me it’s not just about cleansing the skin as this may get rid of the day’s dirt but won’t go any further. In order to really cleanse the skin, it needs to be cleansed twice, hence the pre-cleanse.


Martha at Beauty by Emma carried out a back exfoliation on me and explained that the whole body can benefit from being exfoliated once a week, with the face twice a week. “It gets rid of the dead skin and hydrates the skin. Pop a moisturiser on straight afterwards to help replenish.” Beauty By Emma uses Dermalogica products and I could feel the benefits of the exfoliation through the glow of my skin for days.


Pick the right cleanser for your skin. Often this can mean using different ones depending on the time of year. People may go for a cream one in the winter for nourishment and a more refreshing one in the summer.


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Don’t be afraid to use a thicker moisturiser, even if you have oily skin. Professional moisturisers won’t leave your skin feeling greasy.

5. SPF

I was surprised to learn that Emma recommends that we all wear at least SPF30 all-year-round to protect us from the sun. “It’s about the sun, not the heat”, she tells me. That makes perfect sense!


During my facial at Beauty By Emma I had a steam, but you can do this at home too, with a deep bowl of boiling water (caution advised with the hot water!).


I was treated to a lovely enzyme- based face mask during my visit, but Emma tells me this is an essential part of your weekly routine. Once a week you can do it. Tip: Apparently most face masks will be fine when left on overnight and will work even harder for you over a longer period.


I have to say that mine was well needed after a tough week and it helped my mind and body relax in tranquil surroundings – as well as having obvious benefits for my skin. There are also things that these guys can do, products they can use and a feeling of relaxation beyond anything you can do at home. One great product used on me was the phyto replenish oil which locks in moisture, helps fight against environmental damage and prevents red, wind-swept skin.


It makes sense, but Emma says it’s pointless doing bits and pieces ad hoc. Have a good regime and stick to it. What’s five minutes a day to have you looking youthful for years to come with glowing skin?


Emma and her team are great for advice when you go in and have a treatment, as I’m sure other salon professionals are. Use their knowledge!

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