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Multi Active Duo Day and Night

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Adding a few minutes to your skincare regime could help subtract years from your complexion, says Jarrold’s beauty buyer Suzie Abel

Love your skin - make this one of your New Year’s resolutions to guarantee a visible improvement in the look and feel of your complexion. Simply take a few more minutes to be kinder to your skin and a little more thorough with your beauty regime, and the results will amaze you.

I know it’s tough and I’ve heard all the excuses! Busy life, working late, playing hard, too tired to take the make-up off at night or too short of time in the morning to prep the skin properly. I do sympathise and I’m even guilty of it myself occasionally, but it is rare as I can see a real difference if I let the routine slip. It stands to reason that a skin that isn’t properly cleansed is going to look dull, lack radiance and be prone to spots and blemishes, so daily cleansing to clear dirt and make-up is a must. Cream, gel and lotion cleansers are all very effective but the fresh feel after a wash cleanser is something special and I have found an absolute gem to enhance the effect even more – the Foreo Luna. This fabulous cleansing, anti-ageing tool has gentle silicone touch-points that vibrate to loosen grime from the pores with no bacteria build-up. It’s 100pc waterproof and can be used in the shower. I’m all for simplicity when it comes to beauty and this wonder device is so easy to use and the results are immediate - I can’t live without it now. If you feel that 2016 is the time to refresh your cleansing routine and are into truly natural skincare, there’s a handy limited edition Cleansing Kit available from Dr Hauschka with a free organic muslin cloth.

Open pores are talked about a lot but actually there is no such thing. Pores are either large or small and there’s no way anything can close them! They can become larger with age or as a result of oily skin so here’s another reason to use that cleanser well. To help counteract the look of unsightly pores, always use a light-reflective primer and/or foundation which will literally bounce the light back from the face. These work similarly on age spots, blemishes and wrinkles.

Once you have your squeaky clean face, the next essential stage is to moisturise and protect. Clarins Multi-Active Day and Night creams are among the most respected in this category and they have just launched the newly improved and reformulated products. Suitable for women aged 25-plus, available to suit all skin types, with an SPF for great protection and at an affordable price - they certainly take some beating.

So make a promise to give your skin just a few more minutes of your time and a hypothetical cuddle this January, and wait for the compliments to fly!

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