Meet Jo Davies, the founder of the Black White Denim fashion boutique

Black White Denim with Joanna Davies at Alderley Rd., Wilmslow

Black White Denim with Joanna Davies at Alderley Rd., Wilmslow - Credit: Archant

Jo Davies lives in Bowdon and is the founder of Black White Denim

Who am I and how did I get started in fashion?

I’m Jo, 47-year-old mother to Gabriel and partner of David Bell, CEO of Cheetham Bell, a JWT Company. My love of fashion started at an early age. I remember my first pair of skinny jeans from a shop called Jean Jeanie in Cheltenham where I was born. I have always loved discovering new shops, new designers and new styles to wear so I don’t look like everyone else. My career in fashion started as a result of my partner’s belief and encouragement of me realising my true potential. Having worked in corporations such as PepsiCo, Diageo and Molson Coors (Carling) where I scaled the career ladder quickly, I had a pretty spectacular CV full of some of the best sales and marketing training in the world. Combining those skills with my passion for clothes, buying and styling was how BWD came about.

How do you choose what to wear for the day?

My choice of clothing each morning is wholly based on what I want to achieve that day. If I’m buying in London or Paris then I will choose a look that reflects that I work in the fashion industry and know what’s current and what suits me. If I’m on the shop floor I’ll wear a selection of pieces from our current collections as customers love to see how items can be styled together.

How do you get to work?

I get to work in my BWD branded mini after dropping Gabe at school. I normally have a coffee in Hale village first (I live in Bowdon), catching up with friends and customers and then set off through the country lanes to Wilmslow on my 15 minute drive to work. I love the fact that I can get to work without touching a motorway and appreciate the amazing countryside we have on our doorstep in Cheshire.

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Who are your customers?

Our customers are 25-55-year-old women (and their mothers and/or daughters) who enjoy looking effortlessly stylish. We have lots of wonderful local customers who visit our store in Wilmslow but also a global reach as our website delivers worldwide.

Where do you socialise?

I tend to stay local. I spent years going into Manchester at the weekends and I no longer have the energy or desire to do that. We have amazing places to eat and drink in Hale (I love Earle and The Hale Grill), and Alderley is fabulous in the evening.

What do you wear in the evenings when you’re going out/staying in?

If I’m going out in the evening I go for the ‘comfort with heels’ formula. I’m not a dress person so you’ll find me in either mid to high-rise jeans or leather leggings (great for comfort and holding the tummy in), a loose top (usually with a sleeve), some timeless jewellery such as Hermes cuffs, a really well-cut jacket or a stole and a pair of wicked heels (Sophia Webster and Valentino are my faves). If I’m staying in it’s PJ’s and slippers.

What’s great about Black White Denim?

The great thing about BWD is that we have created a really simple but totally pleasurable shopping experience for the stylish women of Cheshire and beyond. The collections we buy are timeless and ageless and can be worn for years to come.