Meet the founder of Institut de beauté in Esher

Lady at the helm, Issy Jaffer

Lady at the helm, Issy Jaffer - Credit: Various

The founder of the Institut de beauté in Esher, Izzy Jaffer is known for her fantastic facials and muscle-melting massages. Over the past 17 years, she has built a loyal clientele in the Esher/Oxshott/Cobham ‘Chelsea playground’, as well as in London. Here’s her take on the treatments that belong in the hands of professionals…

1. Facials: “We pride ourselves on enlisting only the best brands: we’ve offered La Prairie facials for quite some time and have also recently introduced the Harley Street facials developed by Dr Khan and Lesley Reynolds Khan of Sky Living’s Stitch Me, Lift Me, Tuck Me. A great facial combines professional products and the therapist’s skill, allowing the products to penetrate the skin more effectively for astonishing results that last.”

2. Manicures & pedicures: “Many of us can relate to the frustration that comes from having chipped nail polish – so thank goodness for gel nails! Gel manicures and pedicures leave nails chip-free and flawless for two to three weeks on fingers and five to six weeks on toes. We work with Bio Sculpture, a protein-based organic non-acrylic gel that also strengthens and encourages your own nails to grow.”

3. Massage: “We’ve often had clients talk about our therapists’ magic hands! Although all therapists are trained in massage, each develops their own technique that can be adapted to suit each client’s preferences. The result is a truly tailor-made treatment, releasing tension and leaving you feeling deeply relaxed and re-charged.”

4. Lash extensions: “Whilst over-the-counter false lashes can be great for a night out, there’s nothing like a professional lash treatment to leave your lids full and fluttery, without the need for mascara. Our new 3D lash treatment uses between 250 and 400 lashes to create a much fuller look for a striking and defined result, even when clients have sparse or weak lashes.”

5. Waxing: “Trying to wax yourself can result in bruising and also tearing of the hair as opposed to lifting it away at the root. Therapists are trained in the art of waxing for smooth, long-lasting results. We use Lycon Wax, which I believe is the best on the market: it’s great for the more sensitive areas such as underarms, lip, bikini line, even the nose – and can remove hair as short as 2mm.”


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