Mesotherapy in Knutsford

Mesotherapy has a lifting and firming effect
Photo: peakstock/GettyImages/iStockphoto

Mesotherapy has a lifting and firming effect Photo: peakstock/GettyImages/iStockphoto - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

We tried, and loved, the mesotherapy treatment from Zest Rejuventating Facial Aesthetics in Knutsford

Mesotherapy, sometimes called microneedling, uses a precision-application dermapen to cause micrscop

Mesotherapy, sometimes called microneedling, uses a precision-application dermapen to cause micrscopic channels in the skin, which as they heal tighten the skin and rejevenate. Image: RobertoDavid/Getty Images/iStockphoto - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

When she established Zest Rejuvenating Facial Aesthetics owner Karen McBarrons was determined to offer only natural treatments, but ones that truly worked. No wafting of prettily fragranced oils, but equally no use of toxins. Her treatments address everything from lax skin to thinning lips, acne scarring to crows feet, and each one has a visible, lasting result.

Karen has practised as a dental hygienist for more than 20 years, so with her training and experience you know she has a detailed knowledge and understanding of the human face, is more than qualified to administer injectables and is also more than familiar with apprehensive yet hopeful clients. A group into which I easily fall. When we met, I had booked a mesotherapy treatment (sometimes called microneedling), but first wanted to know how it worked and if it might hurt. No pain no gain may be a well-worn phrase, but so is forewarned is forearmed. I like to know what’s heading my way.

What is mesotherapy?

Karen is quite prepared to give me a full, medically-based explanation, which I enjoy, but what it boils down to is that using a small, hand-held dermapen, she can control hundreds of teeny tiny needles as they pierce my skin, causing fractional damage the body then works to heal. The healing process requires the production of collagen (the natural production of which starts to dissipate after the age of 40) and the collagen links with fibroblasts, which all pull together and tighten the skin. It’s not capable of knocking a decade off your aging, but it absolutely does rejuvenate the plumpness and glow you had (without knowing or appreciating) several years past.

So, how does mesotherapy feel? Before starting, Karen cleanses my face and applies a layer of lidocaine, which slightly anaesthetises the upper layer of skin. When this has taken effect, she wipes away any excess and then applies a serum chosen to reflect your skin’s needs. She chooses to work with Hikari, which create serums that address pigmentation, dehydration, fine lines and even scarring and which she can mix to create a ‘cocktail’ just for you.

The application of the dermapen is prickly, but not painful. Karen can adjust the needle depth and speed of operation in accordance with each area of the face, so less deep around the eyes and across the forehead, but more aggressive in the thicker skin of the cheeks and jawline. All the time a cooling fan blows across my skin and top ups of serum keep the whole experience easily manageable.

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I leave flushed pink and shiny and next day feel and look like I fell asleep in the sun, but within 24 hours this has all faded and feels good. Over the following couple of weeks my skin starts to look smoother and less tired, but it’s a natural process so impossible to measure, really, as I simply see myself in the mirror each day. A course of four to six treatments, followed by a six-monthly maintenance treatment, will keep skin working hard, doing the things it used to do naturally before age started having its wicked way.

I like it. It’s easy, safe, costs about the same as a fancy facial and actually works., Knutsford

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