BMW 635d Sport Coupé at Redcoats Green near Hitchin

Hotel restaurant owner and classic car enthusiast Peter Butterfield finds he has a taste for the BMW 635d Sport Coupé

Hotel restaurant owner and classic car enthusiast Peter Butterfield finds he has a taste for the BMW 635d Sport Coup�

Tell us about yourself and what you doI am the owner of Redcoats Farmhouse, which is a traditional English country hotel and restaurant located at Redcoats Green near Hitchin. It dates back to 1450 and has been in our family since the turn of the century. Having been lucky enough to grow up in a special and much loved family home, we felt that the atmosphere and environment loved by our family could be experienced and enjoyed by others. We use fresh local produce in our kitchen, where the phrase 'home made' really means something.

What kind of motoring do you do?I like motoring because I don't have to do as much as I used to. A lot of my driving is cross-country nowadays, as we have a small shoot behind the farmhouse so the various 4x4s we own get plenty of use off-road.

How did you learn to drive?My first go at driving was in an old Morris 8 on our farm back in the 1950s. I think I was about 14 in those days. And my father had a Standard Vanguard which I remember crashing on the farm because I didn't put the brakes on!

What do you drive now and which is your favourite car?Cars interest me a lot and I love club motor racing and classic cars in particular. I have been over to the Le Mans 24 hour sports car race in my 1950s AC Ace, where the French really do appreciate this sort of cars. Our family also owned a Lanchester - which had a foot starter - a Riley Pathfinder, and we are just about to buy a new Nissan Navara 4x4 for the shoot. I don't have a dream car, but I like the look of the Aston Martin V8 Vantage.

What is the most unusual thing you've done with a car?I deliberately set fire to that old Morris 8 when I was 15 after I had taken it on the road illegally and broken a spring. I tried to repair it to conceal it from my father but I gave up and pretended it had caught fire. I don't know what I was thinking about at the time!

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How would a BMW 635 suit your lifestyle?It's the kind of car I'd use to take customers home after they've been dining at Redcoats. It's very sleek, it has four seats, good equipment levels and looks like a proper grand touring car, which I like. The disadvantage is that it only has two doors, but my children would love it.

How does the BMW 635 drive?It's a very modern car but I'd get used to that quickly. I like the 'mouse' which controls the various systems such as climate control, sat nav and so on, which leaves the dash uncluttered. It's quite easy to drive and you forget that it's a diesel until you feel that great surge of power when you accelerate. I like this Steptronic transmission and the gearshift paddles are the best I've used.

So, how do you rate the BMW 635?This car has a lot of style and it is clearly very well made. If it was British I'd have one.




CAR BMW 635d Sport Coup�

PRICE AS TESTED �60,980 on the road


CO2 EMISSIONS Maximum 183 g/km

PERFORMANCE Max Speed 155 mph (limited); 0-62 mph 6.3 secs.

FUEL CONSUMPTION 40.9 mpg (Combined)

STANDARD SAFETY FEATURES Driver & front passenger airbags; Driver & front passenger restraint system; Ant-whiplash head restraints; Roll-over safety system; Dynamic stability control; Tyre puncture warning system.

WILL IT FIT IN YOUR GARAGE? Length: 4820; Width: 2036; Height: 1374 (mm)

HOW PETER RATED THIS CAR I'd love to buy this car. 10 out of 10

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