Green Car Review - Ford Focus 1.0 litre EcoBoost

Green car expert Faye Sunderland is impressed with the fuel economy of the Focus EcoBoost


Model: Ford Focus 1.0 litre EcoBoost

Price: from �16,445

CO2 emissions: 109g/km

MPG: as good as 58.9 mpg (combined cycle)

USUSP: Diesel-like economy from a petrol car

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It would probably have been for the best if they’d withheld the fact that Ford’s new Focus EcoBoost car comes with a one litre engine. I’m afraid that will prejudice many long before they reach for the door handle.

Even with the stats in front of me, I still couldn’t have prepared myself for how strongly this engine performs. It’s responsive from the off and only a low, diesel-like purr disturbs the peace.

There are two versions - a 100 PS and the 125 PS, both of which offer power levels as good and even better than the old 1.6 petrol engine respectively. This is shown through the 0-62 times which for the EcoBoost 100 PS stands at 12.5 seconds, the 125 PS delivers in 11.3 seconds while the 1.6 petrol engine takes 12.3 seconds.

Unlike many other petrol or diesel cars we’ve seen modified for economy purposes, the Focus EcoBoost is free from annoying niggles that plague other models - it is not hampered by long gearing, a trait which can mean a swift switch down is required for even the smallest incline.

The sad thing about this is the EcoBoost is a better engine than the Focus is a car. It sacrifices practicality for styling, with less rear legroom than you would expect and a long, but far from deep, boot.

The slanted A-pillars and low seating position hinder visibility and leave you feeling like you have no idea where the front of the car is. This detached and disorientated cabin experience is worsened by the excessive number of buttons which litter the dash.

As the Focus is one of the best-selling cars in the country, I am clearly in a minority.

And really, it is all about the fuel economy. For instance, the new 1.0 litre 100 PS EcoBoost and you get economy of 58.9 mpg and emissions of 109g/km CO2 (no VED in the first year, and just �10 to pay thereafter) -something to consider if want a petrol car that offers diesel-like economy.

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