Jaguar XKR Coupé in Welwyn Garden City

Golf Professional Ian Parker putts the Jaguar XKR Coupé through its paces with motoring editor Adrian Foster

Tell us about yourself and what you doI am head golf professional at the Mill Green Golf Club, outside Welwyn Garden City. I have been a professional for more than 15 years and run the Academy at Mill Green where we coach a membership of over 900. We have started a Tiger Club juniors programme and we have a ladies beginner programme for our female members, so there's plenty going on.

How did you become a car enthusiast?When I was younger cars were just for getting to and from golf tournaments, which were my real passion. But my girlfriend is a real car enthusiast and that is beginning to rub off on me, so I've started to take more of an interest too.

I believe your first cars were rather accident-prone?My first car was a Mk 1 Ford Escort, which I crashed several times in the first week I had it. I drove it as though it was stolen, but it got me to all my golf tournaments, even though it wasn't exactly arriving in style! My next was another Escort, and I wrote that one off soon afterwards when the bonnet came up while driving.

What do you drive and what would your dream car be?My current car is a Peugeot 307CC, which suits me because it has lots of room for golf clubs and you can take the hood down. Badges don't mean a lot to me, but I'm starting to develop a taste for prestige cars like this one. I was talking to a member just yesterday and I had a drive in his Bentley, which has got me thinking. When I'm more successful, my dream cars will be a red Porsche 911 for fun and a Bentley for cruising around in.

Would a Jaguar XKR suit your lifestyle?I haven't got a family yet and my girlfriend and I would love this Jaguar. It makes me feel great when I'm in it, it's a lively drive and it looks very sporty. Sexy, like the original E-Type. From a practical point of view it would suit me as I can get my golf clubs into the boot.

What do you like about this Jaguar?I'm a tall guy but the seats and adjustable steering wheel make it easy for me to get comfortable. I love the interior and all the gadgets on the XKR really suit my needs. It has lovely looking instruments, cruise control, a fantastic radio/CD system, Sat Nav for all over Europe, paddle-shift gear-change, the list is endless. I could play here for hours!

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So, how do you rate the Jaguar XKR?This car drives beautifully, the acceleration seems endless, the suspension is firm but the car isn't hard or uncomfortable. Everything feels right about the Jaguar and this is definitely the nicest car I've ever driven. It's simply awesome!FACTS AT A GLANCE

CAR Jaguar XKR Coup� PRICE AS TESTED �70,995 on the road INSURANCE GROUP 20 [est.] CO2 EMISSIONS Maximum 294 g/km PERFORMANCE Max Speed 155 mph; 0-62 mph 4.9 secs. FUEL CONSUMPTION 22.9 mpg (Combined)STANDARD SAFETY FEATURES Computer Active Technology Suspension; Multiple air bags; ABS; Brake Assist; Traction Control; Electronic Brake Force Distribution; Parking Aid with rear sensors; ISOFIX child seat anchor points etc. WILL IT FIT IN YOUR GARAGE? Length: 4791; Width: 1892; Height: 1322 (mm) HOW IAN RATED THIS CAR Simply awesome. 10 out of 10

Ian Parker was talking to motoring editor Adrian Foster. Contact Adrian at Our thanks to Grange Welwyn for the loan of the test vehicle. For information visit and

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