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- Credit: Archant

In the first of a series of three test drives of Vospers 4x4 vehicles conducted for Devon Lifeby ANDY COOPER, he tries the Wrangler Jeep - and is out of his comfort zone


- Credit: Archant

“Okay,” said my instructor, as I started to crest the brow of the 30 degree hill and surveyed the muddy track below, “take your feet off the pedals and let her do the work.” “WHAT?!” Every instinct and fibre in my body wanted to push down firmly on the brake pedal and use it in conjunction with the steering wheel to guide us down the steep incline.

But Nick Agg-Manning, sitting next to me up front, is a formidably experienced type not to be messed with. And if the MD of Outside Adventure Consultants, experts for our special 4x4 experience day with Vospers, was telling me to take my foot off the pedals, then who was I to argue?Duly emboldened, I lifted my feet awayand was pleasantly surprised to feel the Wrangler Jeep gently lurch and brake into line. It then gently and safely dispatched us to the bottom of the hill as I merely steered

the way. Wow. That’s what you get with the fiendishly clever Hill Descent Control, just one of the many innovations which make this 4x4 a dream to drive, be it off road or in a more urban environment.

Unlike some players in this market, it not only looks the part but delivers on it too. Jeep know what they are doing when it comes to 4x4 and that shows with this

stylish and comfortable vehicle which is a pleasure to drive – and seriously good fun too!

There’s enough power under the bonnet to tackle hills on urban roads too and the technical spec inside is all one would expect from a premium vehicle. And the model I drove had a removable roof meaning summer driving (yes, it IS on its way) will be a real pleasure too.I stepped from the driver’s seat after our tour of the 4x4 course invigorated and intrigued just how Jeep do it…but do it

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they have.

Andy Cooper drove the Jeep Wrangler 2013 (63),

2.8 CRD Sahara 4dr Auto - 4x4 £26,999

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