Me and my Motor - Aston Martin Vanquish, Derek Baptist, Nantwich

Aston Martin

Aston Martin - Credit: not Archant

Derek Baptist of Nantwich is the proud owner of a modern classic - the new Aston Martin Vanquish. PHOTOGRAPHY BY ALEX BAPTIST

The letters ‘DB’ are synonymous with Aston Martin from the iconic David Brown to celebrity owners such as David Beckham. The latest ‘DB’ to join the Aston Martin family is Nantwich businessman Derek Baptist who is the proud owner of the carbon fibre bodied supercar - the Aston Martin Vanquish.

Derek has always had a penchant for speed, riding motorbikes at 16 including the first 100 mph 250cc Suzuki before graduating to bigger Hondas and Kawasakis. Naturally enough Derek also graduated from being an Air Cadet to joining the RAF after university where the speed of the machinery he piloted exceeded Mach 2!

In his 20s and 30s he owned sports cars including an MGB GT, Triumph TR7 before progressing on to Lancias. He later owned a Celica Supra and his current stable of cars includes an AMG SLK, but this Aston takes pride of place at his home at Wychwood Park. The car is highly personalised and designed in conjunction with Q at Aston Martin.

‘The Vanquish is truly beautiful and the shape can wear most colours. This car is auto motoring art at its finest. I wanted my Vanquish to incorporate some of Aston’s racing history and heritage.’ Derek’s Vanquish is finished in a Pentland Green, a modern take on British Racing Green.

The interior is finished in Winter Wheat and Parliament Green leather. The head rests are personalised with a ‘DCB’ logo design by Q of Aston and the care incorporates numerous personalised ideas.

‘I think the Vanquish will become a modern classic and I hope this car will pass down a few generations.’ said Derek.

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Aston Martin invited Derek and his family to attend the final inspection where they put on lunch, followed by a tour of the factory, before viewing Derek’s Vanquish where the car was awarded its famous ‘wings’ and only then becomes an Aston Martin. ‘They invited my youngest son, Alex, to complete the final inspection and then when he approved the vehicle they gave him the honour of installing the final inspection plate on the engine bay with his name on it. I can’t think of any other car manufacturer who would have done that,’ commented Derek.

‘It is a real head-turner and the sonics are unbelievable. It really makes an impression when I take her out.’

Derek plans to take his Vanquish on some grand tours this summer and the Cotswolds and the West Country are pencilled in. ‘We shall arrive in style. Q at Aston Martin have created handmade leather luggage to match the car’s colour scheme!’

Derek is also looking forward to a day out Brooklands race circuit where he can explore the full performance potential of this latest classic supercar from one of Britain’s finest car manufacturers.

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