Me and my motor - Ben Parry - Toyota MR2 Mk2

Ben Parry and his Toyota MR2 sports car at Tatton Park

Ben Parry and his Toyota MR2 sports car at Tatton Park - Credit: Archant

Ben Parry loves his limited edition Toyota MR2 Mk2, particularly the convertible roof. He’s got his fingers crossed for fine weather.

Ben Parry’s pride and joy is his Toyota MR2 Mk2. His 10th anniversary limited edition model in Lucerne Silver from 1996 turns heads wherever he goes. It’s his first car and he bought it three months ago.

‘I thought it was pretty something when I saw it but I didn’t expect so many people to be eyeing it up when I stop at the lights. I was surprised.’

It was the car’s sleek good looks and excellent condition – it’s almost 17 years old – that appealed to Ben. He decided to buy a car a couple of months after starting his first post-graduate job with RBS in Manchester.

‘I saw it for sale on the internet when I was looking around for insurance quotes and I really liked the look of it. It was the first and only car I’ve looked at. I drove down to Sheffield and was praying it would be in good nick. It was and I knew there and then I had to have it.

‘The previous owner had had it for seven years. He was pretty fond of it. He was in the Toyota MR2 Drivers’ Club and clearly, he’d looked after it so I reckon I’ve been lucky to find this.’

Ben, aged 21, who graduated from Keele University last summer, said the car has many features he’s fond of.

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‘I love the convertible roof, the retractible headlights and the walnut steering wheel. And the fact that there were only 250 of these made is pretty cool too,’ he said.

Ben, a keen golfer from Denton, is a member of Houldsworth Golf Club, Reddish, Stockport. He says the large, roomy boot is proving useful. ‘The boot is really big and you can fit two sets of golf clubs in it, which is pretty amazing.’

The car is renowned for its performance and road grip and Ben’s favourite drives are around the Snake Pass, the Woodhead Pass and the roads around Alderley Edge and the Macclesfield hills.

He bought the car in February: ‘I’m looking forward to the summer and some warmer weather. I’ve only been able to put the roof down on three journeys so far. It’s either been snowing or pouring down with rain.’

Ben is no boy racer. ‘I’m driving carefully, which seems to surprise my brothers, Rick and Dan. I’m aware it could go pretty fast but I’ve no intention of wrapping it around a lamp-post. I want to hang onto it.’

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