Me and my Motor - Dave Godwin, from Moreton, Wirral and his Triumph

Dave Godwin, from Moreton, Wirral, is a big, big fan of Triumph motors

Dave Godwin has been thrilled by fast cars since he was a small boy, particularly Triumph sports cars. But his enthusiasm for the vehicles is not just confined to driving them: over the years he has spent many hours restoring, polishing and generally lavishing tender loving care on several varieties of the car.

Dave, now married to Diane, with two daughters and living in Moreton, Wirral, recalled how his passion for cars began: ‘As soon as I passed my driving test I joined a local motor club and did a small amount of rallying. Then about 18 years ago I saw an advert for a Triumph Spitfire, for sale but in need of restoration. I decided to buy it and that gave me the bug for Triumph sports cars.

‘Soon after I completed the restoration it was sold for something with much more power – a TR6 in emerald green. So with my new purchase I decided that I should join a club that specialised in TR cars. After much debate I joined the TR Register which has local groups all around the UK. The nearest to me is the Red Rose group which meets at the Antrobus Arms on the second Sunday of every month.

‘In 2007, while looking on the TR Register website one particular advert jumped out at me – a 1958 TR3a in need of restoration. Before I knew it, I’d hired a trailer and was on my way to Norfolk to buy the car!

‘After close inspection I realised it needed an awful lot of work: floors, sills, wings, doors, rear panel and the list went on and on! After two years I decided to sell my TR4 to make more space for the TR3. Some 12 months later the task was completed  – a challenge that took just over three years to complete.

‘After getting it road legal I decided to enter it into Cheshire’s biggest classic car show at Tatton Park. To my amazement I won Best Triumph TR3a of the Show. So after all that time in the garage, welding, hammering and keeping the neighbours awake, it’s great to get out in the car and use it for what it was meant to be used for - driving and turning heads wherever I go.’ 

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