My Driving Passion - Steve Wright of Lytham St Annes and his Ferrari 355 GTB

Steve Wright of Lytham St Annes found a famous name on the logbook of his Ferrari

Tell us about yourself: My name is Steve Wright. I am married with three teenage children. I have worked in financial services for the last 17 years and got involved in mortgages and buying and selling property in recent years.

Just how driven are you? I have always enjoyed my cars and had lots of different performance vehicles over the years including Porsche 911s, BMW M3s, Merc AMG, Audi TTs, Caterham and Lotus. I enjoy track days and my favourite circuit is Oulton Park. Most of my cars have seen the track at least once while I have owned them.

What are you driving now? I purchased my latest car, the Ferrari 355 GTB, as a business idea for taking grooms to weddings. It’s a 1995 2.7 Montronic which is the ‘no airbag’ version. It was only made for a short period but is said to be the best one. It’s a V8 375 bhp rear wheel drive with a six speed manual gearbox and sounds awesome. Tunnels are a must when I’m out.

Is it high maintenance? These cars come with massive service histories and require a service every year with a engine out and cambelt changed every three years. Mine has only covered 4,000 miles between cambelt changes which seems crazy but that’s how it works.

Where did you get it? I bought it in May this year from Amari Supercars and they have an excellent Ferrari mechanic called John who did the big service before I took delivery, so fingers crossed thats the big cost is out of the way for a couple of years.

Any interesting history? The second owner was Martin Brundle, the F1 driver and commentator.

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The car brings a lot of attention to itself as it is quite noisy even in slow traffic and really bellows once the revs rise so people here us coming. It brings a smile to most people’s faces.

Get out much? I joined the supercar club which has plenty of meets and I do weddings (see delivering people to the church or functions, mainly the groom or best man. It’s always great seeing the groom’s face when I pull up.

The print version of this article appeared in the November 2011 issue of Lancashire Life 

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