The new Subaru XV car reviewed


In his latest review, Surrey Life's Ade Holder romps across Surrey in Subaru's new sartorial SUV

Originally published in Surrey Life magazine January 2013

In his latest review, Surrey Life’s Ade Holder romps across Surrey in Subaru’s new sartorial SUV

There are probably a few things you know about Subaru – their Imprezza model, for example, has become synonymous with that all too well-known parrp and whoosh sound that resonates throughout our fair county, normally brought to bear by a short man in a baseball cap and a permanently open window.

There are also some things you may not know about Subaru: their cars are all four-wheel drive (apart from the new BRZ), they all have boxer engines and they make a really interesting range of cars to suit most people’s needs.

New kid on the blockThis range has just been increased with the arrival of the rather succinctly named XV. Anyone who has been near any of Surrey’s schools during the daily run, will surely be familiar with the format of an SUV (Sports Utility Vehicle). These smaller ‘cross over’ 4x4 style cars are becoming the staple for many families. The XV is Subaru’s rather brilliant effort.

I am not going to beat about the bush here, I really like this car. If you don’t read any further, you can be assured you won’t go far wrong going to see the folk at Bell & Colvill in West Horsley today and spending your hard-earned money on one. If, however, you are keen to know why, then please read on.

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For a start, the XV looks great, managing to straddle a very fine line between actually being ‘cool’ and also not looking like a car for people who want to look ‘cool’. There are some rather odd cars in the SUV bracket, naming no names, and the XV is not one of them. It’s commanding, big enough to give the impression of safety and sturdiness, but not imposing or annoying to other road users. The road is not swamped with them, either, so it’s nice not to have the same car as everyone else, and in this case, it’s satisfying to know you may well have a better car than everyone else too!

The inside storyInside, the XV is simple but in a brilliant way; you don’t feel like it is going to break when it sees a muddy boot or an errant twig that made its way in with a buggy. The dashboard is easy to see, the controls are simple, you know where everything is, there is plenty of room and it’s comfortable. What more do you want?

It has been said that I am not a fan of diesel engines, and in certain circumstances that would be true; however, in a 4x4 they sit perfectly with me. The 2.0 litre boxer engine may not sound all that fantastic but it offers plenty of pull. In fact, you might find yourself getting a bit carried away and forgetting you are not sitting in an executive saloon; I had to remind myself not to overtake on a number of occasions. It really is a car that inspires confidence and it corners well too; very well!

Normally, the deals offered by manufacturers vary so much they are not worth going into, but it would not be right to leave the ‘everything taken care of’ package unmentioned. All cars come with the package, which includes things like free scratch repair, free alloy wheel repair, a monthly clean with a vacuum, a yearly makeover, free wheel alignment and free lost key replacement; it’s enough to make you feel all warm and fuzzy!

The XV is strong, it drives well, it looks good and it offers excellent value. I told you I liked it!

Bell & Colvill (Horsley), Epsom Road, West Horsley, Leatherhead KT24 6DG. Tel: 01483 281000 /

Need to know:

Engine: 2.0l, 4 cylinder boxer, Turbo DieselPower: 145 bhp0-60mph: 9.3 secondsFuel Consumption: Combined 50.4 mpgPrices: Start from £21,295 (1.6 petrol model)Model featured: 2.0D SE, £26,295

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