The new XC90 - A Volvo For All Reasons

Managing director of advertising agency Blue Tiger, Tony Clifford, tries the new Volvo XC90

So, why did you leave the City for the leafy lanes of Essex?My background is advertising and I worked for more than 20 years in London for Saatchi & Saatchi, J Walter Thompson and McCann Erickson. I now live in Woodham Walter near Danbury and I run an adverting agency in Maldon called Blue Tiger marketing, which we launched around nine years ago.

Do you enjoy motoring?Driving has always been a passion of mine and when I was 20 years old my first love was my Ford Anglia, which cost me £70. I fitted it with wide wheel arches, a Ferrari steering wheel and painted it bright red with a white and green racing stripe in order to look like James Hunt's McLaren Formula 1 racing car of the time. It looked fantastic.

What is your dream car?I love classic cars and I always wanted one of the 1960s Jaguar S-Types like the police used in the car chases, but it never happened. I had one of those Sweeney-type Ford Granadas for a while, though.

What car do you drive at the moment?I own a BMW 320d Touring, which is ideal for transporting my family.

Would a Volvo XC90 suit your lifestyle?Having a family with three kids this car would be very good for us. It drives well for a 4x4, is very comfortable, has lots of space and would be ideal when we go away on driving holidays. It seems well designed and very user-friendly.

How does the Volvo drive?The Volvo has quite a bit of power when you put your foot down and my boys would like that too. This car responds well when you need to accelerate and get yourself out of hazardous situations. I find the XC90 easy to get to know and I like the way everything is laid out in a completely natural way.

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So, how do you rate the Volvo XC90?I like the look of the XC90 which seems nicely styled. To be honest, I can't fault it.

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