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The DS3 hatchback is a popular car with a loyal following and by turning it into a cabriolet, Citroen has opened it up to a whole new demographic. The roof is, of course, the biggest change and while it’s not a full convertible (the roof slides back just like the Citroen 2CV’s) that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. This arrangement probably suits our weather better than a full convertible would as it allows the roof to be furled on the move; the Citroen DS3 Cabrio can be made watertight at motorway speeds in a process that takes just 16 seconds.


- Credit: Archant

The interior is elegant, oozing big-car class – and it’s a full five-seater too. The driving position is perfect with the wheel and seat both offering a wide variety of adjustment. There is a vast range of interior and exterior options available with carefully considered textures and materials adding to the premium feel of the cabin. Few cars are as comprehensively customisable as the DS3.


- Credit: Archant

The boot is the biggest in its class, although you will need to post your luggage through the small-but-beautifully-designed boot lid. That’s fine for suitcases, but you might struggle with a week’s worth of groceries in carrier bags.

The THP 155 petrol engine I drove (no diesel engines have been announced at this time), is a lovely thing and pulls well if you keep the revs up. In fact, the whole car drives beautifully with a compliant ride. Two more engines are available, the VTi 82 and VTi 120, with three and four cylinders respectively –the latter being the sweet spot in the range. It isn’t much slower than the 155 and should prove to be cheaper to run under real-world conditions, despite posting identical official fuel consumption figures.


Steve Sparrow, sales executive at Roy HG Tolley, shares his insider’s view of the Citroen DS3 Cabrio

How is the DS3 Cabrio selling?

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It’s selling really well and to a wide range of customers. I’ve sold them to 20 year olds and to 85 year olds.

Why do you think it’s been so popular?

The DS3 hatchback is our best-selling car and the Cabrio adds another dimension to that. Its biggest advantage is that the roof can be opened and closed on the move at speeds of up to 74mph.

Which is the best-selling model?

The DStyle Plus, which gives a fantastic amount of equipment for the money. The 120bhp petrol engine is powerful and frugal, making it a very attractive package.

If you had to pick one optional extra, which would it be?

There is a huge range of options that help customers personalise their car, but I would say that the only one they need (if they are buying the DStyle Plus) is Bluetooth – it’s got everything else.

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