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Amanda Trivett's Van Gogh inspired nails

Amanda Trivett's Van Gogh inspired nails - Credit: Archant

Give your manicure an arty twist by recreating your favourite piece of art on the smallest canvas you have: your nails

Becky Stanley used Salvador Dali's work as inspiration for her nails

Becky Stanley used Salvador Dali's work as inspiration for her nails - Credit: Archant

To celebrate Devon Life’s art issue, we’ve asked two extremely talented local nail technicians to work their magic using inspiration from a famous work of art to create a piece of nail art. The results? A pair of truly stunning statement nails that will make your talons the talk of the town.

Van Gogh’s Starry Night:

Nail technician Amanda Trivett, from Ashburton’s Amanda @ The Nail Lounge salon, decided to recreate the work of arguably one of history’s most successful artists, Vincent Van Gogh.

“I chose Starry Night because it’s one of my favourite paintings,” explains Amanda. “I love the magic and mystery of the night sky and how everything just flows so flawlessly across the painting.

“To me, this seemed the perfect image to take inspiration from and carry across a set of nails.”

After sculpting the nails, the design took Amanda roughly an hour to complete.

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“I used CND Shellac, CND additives and, of course, freehand art work inspired by the images in the painting to get the finished design.”

Amanda @ The Nail Lounge, Chuley Road, Ashburton, 01364 654714

Salvador Dali’s The Disintegration of the Persistence of Memory:

For The Love Of Nails owner and nail artist Becky Stanley, who is based in The Hair Temple, Sidmouth, chose Salvador Dali’s recreation of his 1931 work The Persistance of Memory for her nail design.

“I chose Dali’s work because I’ve always loved his dripping clocks after briefly studying his work at GCSE and A Level art,” Becky explains. “I knew that I wanted to create 3D nails for this project, and I thought the clocks would be perfect for that.”

The nails took Becky two weeks to create in the short amount of time she had between clients in the salon.

“To create them I used powder and liquid acrylic to sculpt the dripping clocks and mountains. I used normal nail varnish for all the background and the nail art, and layered and mixed different coloured nail varnishes together on the nails to create colours as similar as possible to those Dali used.”

For The Love Of Nails, The Hair Temple, Temple Street, Sidmouth, 07837 693909

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