Non invasive liposuction - does it work?

Does non-invasive lipo measure up?

Does non-invasive lipo measure up? - Credit: Archant

Can you really get slimmer in a lunch hour? Janet Reeder heads to the Body Lounge in Hale to find out

I am as sceptical as anyone about quick-fix routes to the perfect physique. We all know in our heart of hearts that getting thin doesn’t involve lying on a bed and having your “problem area” smoothed out with a high tech contraption - or does it? In the interests of research I was willing to give this rather unlikely scenario a go.

The Body Lounge specialises in non invasive lipo that can be used to treat everything from chubby chins and flabby knees to cellulite and man boobs.

Ultrasonic Cavitation breaks down fat cells via an ultrasound procedure and these are flushed out of the body. It all sounds so simple but does it work?

I was told by Charlotte Baguley co-owner of Body Lounge on Victoria Road Hale to drink a couple of pints of water before I came in to have my treatment but I forgot. Plus I was slightly worried I’d be dashing to the loo all the way through the treatment so as a compromise, while I was filling out a consent form in the pleasant basement room, I drank a large glass of water. I was also measured so that we could find out whether the treatment had had an instant inch loss.

My slight trepidation about the “lipo” was soon soothed away by the friendly Charlotte who runs Body Lounge with her friend Emma Bartle. She explained that the machine would feel cold on my stomach because it was smeared with gel and that while the procedure is entirely pain free I would hear a high pitched buzz in my head which was the result of the vibrations from the machine reverberating through the body.

In spite of the buzz the treatment itself is really quite soothing. Charlotte and Emma told me that some of their clients love the “downtime” that it gives them as much as they do the results.

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The probe running over my body releases fat which is then absorbed and metabolised by the lymphatic, liver and kidney systems and this process is helped by moderate exercise afterwards so Charlotte introduced me to the Power Plate, which is a cross trainer that provides a kind of intensified work-out. Just 10 minutes is apparently the equivalent of about an hour of jogging and stepping.

Other things that help to improve the effectiveness of the process are cutting out booze for 24 hours, avoiding sugar and carbs and importantly drinking lots of water to help flush everything out of the body.

The question still remains - did I lose anything? The answer is yes. 1.25 ins off my abdomen 0.5in off my waist and 0.75 inches off my hips - a grand total of 2.5ins!

Now I was still slightly sceptical that this wasn’t just an effect of lying down and having pressure applied to my “problem area” but the next day when I tried on a pair of jeans that had been a bit snug over the summer they fitted perfectly and I did feel trimmer after just one treatment.

A course of at least five sessions is recommended for those who want to see a bigger improvement but if you felt like a quick fix perhaps before a big event or party and you want to squeeze into your LBD then I think it’s well worth giving it a whirl.

Body Lounge @Cutting Lounge

26 Victoria Road, Hale WA15 9AD

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