Cheshire virtual beauty store launches

Scented wax melts at Ecopia
Photo: Chelsea Shoesmith

Scented wax melts at Ecopia Photo: Chelsea Shoesmith - Credit: Archant

Cheshire’s new sustainable, health-driven beauty store Ecopia opens online

Francesca Newton
Photo: Chelsea Shoesmith

Francesca Newton Photo: Chelsea Shoesmith - Credit: Archant

A new Cheshire-based virtual store selling locally handmade sustainable swaps for supermarket-bought bath, body and lifestyle products has launched, the idea of Stockport’s Francesca Newton.

Virtual family-run business Ecopia stocks and delivers eco-conscious artisanal toiletries, including sustainable, premium-quality shampoo bars, hand-crafted soaps, refillable candles, bamboo toothbrushes and more - many locally made.

Founder Francesca was struck with her business brainwave after reading about the associations between plastics and a range of health complications, including diabetes, obesity, early onset puberty and even cancer.

‘It’s not just plastic: often, the contents of cheap makeup and other toiletries also contain chemicals associated with hormone disruption, which is scary when you’re bringing up a family,’ she says. As a result, the venture strives to be both as plastic- and chemical-free as possible.

Ecopia works in partnership with independent artisans, many of them based locally, including Mrs Frisbee’s All Naturals in Offerton, LJ Naturals in Wilmslow and Whitegates Wuzzies in Woodford, bringing their visions for sustainability together with her own.

‘Our products are handmade by artisans - many locally based,’ Francesca explains. ‘When you buy from Ecopia, you’re doing your bit to support the planet - and people.’

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